VIDEO: Adams on Touchdowns

SEP. 26 -- Ishmael Adams tries to pick a favorite touchdown and discusses the big shift in momentum at the end of the half...

Ishmael Adams talks about the momentum swing on his interception return for a touchdown:

On which touchdown he liked the most:
I don't know, it's hard because we haven't scored so long on a kick return. But pick-sixes, I love pick-sixes. I'll have to go with that one if I had to choose.

On if he could tell it was a game-changer:
Yeah, the momentum was building there and going on their side. We had it but it was going their way. I had seen the scoreboard and it was 20-17 and I knew we had to make a play. It just so happened to be me.

On if he heard a teammate calling it from the sideline:
No, but I kind of felt it myself, so we were on the core there, something in the air.

On what the feeling is like when he made the play:
It feels great, but you have to get it. It's not guaranteed. The biggest thing is catching it. Once I caught it. I was so thankful to do it. I was running to the right side and saw all these lineman and was like, 'nah, there is not enough space' and then EK made a block and I had a guy running behind me so the guy chasing me wasn't a problem.

On laying on the field after his kick return:
During the celebration, they had gotten me a charlie horse. I was trying to make it off the field because I did have to go back on defense. I had to see if I could catch my breath and get the cramp out. But they held it out.

On the game turning in to a blowout:
It felt good. At the end of the day, it's not over, you have to keep playing. But it felt good. We didn't want to take our foot off the throat.

On playing safety:
It felt great, definitely a different look and showed some diversity, but looking to improve my craft.

On what he was playing on the pick-six:
That was nickel.

On giving up 600 yards:
You're happy that you won but it's something that you can improve on. We have goals. We want to keep improving. We didn't get all of them this game, but next week there is another game.

On Bercovici:
He did a great job for his team, especially in the first half. He had a great composure, but then when we got those picks, we started getting to him. He got lucky, I almost had one more, he just lofted it up over my head.

On if they were getting to ASU:
I don't know. A little bit once the game started, when the pick-six, definitely. Once when they kept kicking it to me. It was getting to me. I was like, alright, ok, it was about time for one of them. I had seen something the first kick return and the kicker made a great tackle, and I had seen a blocker that I should have taken, but thank God I got another opportunity.

On if he's surprised teams are kicking to him:
Um, how should I say this. I don't know what to say? I'm not surprised, but if they want to, they can. It's up to them. I just believe in the guys in front of me. If they want to keep kicking it to me, I'll make something happen.

On if this is the UCLA team the country should get used to:
Almost. We're not exactly there. We still have way higher expectations, but the scoreboard is definitely what they want to see and we want to keep giving it to them.

On returning home:
It feels great. We were in our blue jerseys for Texas so it didn't feel all too bad, but that crowd was definitely against us. I can't wait to be back home, hopefully we could give them a way better show and I can't wait to get back there.

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