VIDEO: Lacy on Filling In

SEP. 26 -- Sophomore offensive lineman Kenny Lacy talks about filling in for Alex Redmond at guard against ASU...

Kenny Lacy talks about his first major game action filling in for Alex Redmond:

On the run of the offense:
We started to feel like we were getting back to our normal self. We weren't really proud but this is a step in the right direction.

On his mindset when he replaced Alex Redmond:
Just do my job and help my team win. Coach Klemm prepares us to be ready all week. If we mess up, it's on us. He told me to go in there and do what you're supposed to do.

On if he had any jitters:
I only had one play the first drive, so that was good. I ran a simple down play and it was fine.

On winning in his backyard:
Yes, that was amazing for me. It kind of, it's an amazing feeling. Indescribable. To come home and play in front of everyone here and we got the win.

On how many friends and family he had:
Probably 16 people and everyone else I couldn't get tickets for were watching the game.

On what his dad told him after the game:
My dad is just proud. He's happy for me. No one knew I was playing. Coach tells us to be ready to go and practice like you're going to play and that's what I did this week and we had a good game.

On his performance:
I felt like I had a fine game. It was my first game but it wasn't going to be good enough. But I felt like I did my job.

On how they didn't seem to waver when down:
That's for sure and something Coach Mora talks about, we know we can come back from any advertsity and showed that tonight.

On what Hundley told them when they were down:
Brett is a great leader, he'll never let us get down, he keeps us up and that rubs off on us and we never get down or worry.

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