VIDEO: Payton on Offense

SEP. 26 -- Jordan Payton talks about his 80-yard touchdown catch and how Brett Hundley played...

Jordan Payton talks about his 150-yard day against the Sun Devils on Thursday:

On what he saw from Hundley pregame:
Nothing unusual. He's a freak of nature, honestly. I saw it during the week, he practiced extremely well and he was ready for this game and he came out and played.

On if he knew early in the week Hundley was playing:
There was no way he wasn't going to play. You could tell during the bye week, he was in treatment like three times a day, trying to get himself right, coming back home, he was going to play. You could tell in his eyes the whole week, he was locked in and ready to go. Nothing unusual, he's the same person every week. He played an extremely good game.

On what it does for the team emotionally:
It does help you. It helps during the week to not guess who's going to be in. We had extreme confidence in Jerry, who's a great backup, but Brett was ready to go, showed during the week he was ready and locked in.

On his 80-yard touchdown:
Coming out of the gates, we wanted to hit them first. I ran that route. It was supposed to be a stutter and go, and the dude, I don't know, I don't know what happened. I just kept running and Brett threw a dime. So it was perfect. He tried to take me to the floor almost.

On if he could see Arizona State starting to crack:
I think that does for any team, your confidence goes down. This offense, that's what we do. We play fast, you saw our tempo, and that's definitely how we want to play. Credit to Arizona State, they're a good defense.

On if they were relieved hitting on all cylinders:
To me, I would say yes. We did struggle the first two games, but there is no lapse in us, it's going to click and you've got to keep going. Life lessons for everything, keep going and eventually it will bust through.

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