VIDEO: Hundley on Elbow, Utah

SEP. 29 -- UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley talked more about his performance against ASU, the status of his elbow injury, his receivers, and facing Utah's defense this week...

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media Monday.

On playing with the brace:
It's a little concern, but not too much. It adds a biger piece of weight to your arm. But at the same time, if you practice with it, you'll be fine.

On if there is a time frame to wearing it:
Not really, we'll see if it's ready to come out of the brace, it will be fine.

On how it feels:
It's fine right now, but just for protection issues.

On what he did to it:
I messed it up.

On what stood out on film against ASU:
Offense did a great job, defense did a great job, everyone had a solid game. OLine played their butts off, receivers did a great job too. Some small details to fix, but for the most part everything went well.

On Kenny Lacy:
He played amazing. Outstanding for us. Not just him but the whole o-line. Kenny came in and really did his job and stepped up for us.

On Ishmael Adams:
It doesn't surprise me. He's one of the hardest working players on this team and when he does that, it just shows how hard he works.

On what makes Adams tough to throw on:
He's competitive. He doesn't want to ever lose and his mindset is that he will never lose. That's a great mindset to have. He's one of the greatest corners we practice against and other teams throw against. For him to show his talents is a blessing.

On if he'd be a nice offensive weapon:
Ish would be nice to have out there as a receiver, but corner is his main job. We've got Eldridge Massington and Jordan Payton, we'll be fine.

On if he makes up for his lack of size:
He gets physical and that's his strength and strong suit. He may not be the tallest corner, but he's built. He's got good technique and is sound.

On if Utah is a trap game:
Nah. We've done a good job of taking it one game at a time. Trap games are blown opportunities and to us, every opportunity means the same as the next one down the road. We have to treat this like Virginia, Memphis, Texas and ASU and take it one game at a time.

On the difference in the OL against ASU:
They just meshed and did their thing out there. They've been doing well each of the past couple games out there. And just really stuck out. Everything meshed together and they just executed.

On if defenses are having to back off against the receivers:
We've seen a lot of teams do different stuff with our receivers. If they're man, they may not be against us. That's just respect for our receivers. Eldridge, Devin Lucien, Payton, Fuller, Duarte, Mossi, they do a great job out there. I could say they're one of the best units blocking down field.

On penalties:
You can't really put a finger on it but stuff happens. It's not good and I hate penalties. They stall drives. We just have to figure out a way to stop them.

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