VIDEO: Adams Trying to Have Impact

SEP. 29 -- Defensive back Ishmael Adams talks about his approach to being a return man, the craft behind it and how he hadn't done it in high school...

Ishmael Adams answered questions from the media Monday.

On watching any highlights:
I watched a few of them. Todd Gurley. I watched mine and then I watched the interception again before I went to bed last night. It was something good to go to sleep to. It was put to bed after that night, honestly. We have the 24-hour rule. I enjoyed it and had fun with my teammates, but I couldn't resist. I was looking for something football and I just turned to Pac-12, and it was on there. I missed the kickoff return, I fell asleep.

On the pick-six:
They were going on a drive against us. I had just gotten the PI. So I was a little upset so I felt like a play needed to be made. If it's meant to be, it's up to me. So I wanted to make sure I was perfect on my coverage. The guy tried to stem me. Once he made his break, I believed it was a dig and so did his quarterback, I stayed committed to it and he broke off for the post, and the ball was already released. I just had to catch the ball. Thank god I caught the ball. I saw the sidelines and saw the flow of the elephants on the sideline and I'd seen the wall our guys naturally created and took it the other way and they met me in the end zone.

On if he could see where to go:
It kind of just came to me, the vision came. Once when the ball came, it just seemed so surreal honestly. Like a workout. A workout with Brian Kelly. We do things like this all the time. Regain our leverage with Coach Meat. Something we do frequently on one-on-one coverage. We work on breaks every morning. And catching the ball. The vision came naturally. The field seemed so big. You have lanes on kickoff returns.

On if he set it up:
It set up naturally. I just wanted to get to the nearest sideline and I was on the middle of the field, so I did what came naturally. I always remember, especially when we do field goal, they're all linemen. Elephants on the parade. I had to remember that and make great decisions to take it to the other side.

On how deep in the end zone he has a green light to return:
I feel like I always have a green light. Five yards is close to the minimum. I think five is go, and getting towards eight is, make a good decision. Depending on how clean I catch the ball and getting a forward lean. It's all about timing. It gets deep when you have the blocks set up early.

On if he's been paid back for his return that got called back against Virginia:
I guess you could say that, but four wouldn't be too bad either. There was nothing he could have done, I don't expect him to stop. But you can tease him about it all you want.

On his near interception against ASU:
Man, I wish I had that back as well. I looked at the power rankings, I would have went from 11 to 4. It's cool where I am though. That would have been a great interception to get. I've gotten to know Bercovici, so I would have been able to tease him.

On if he's surprised teams still kick to him:
If they didn't, it would be taking a shot at their own kickoff team. I feel like teams have confidence in their kickoff cover team that they have the ability to stop me. It's not really me they need to stop. They have to worry about my blocking, great athletes that are committed to the return team. It's fantastic the team they put together.

On how much he practices or if its instincts:
We practice returns a lot. I just, I don't know, it is what it is. I work on some things, as far as setting up blocks for them. That's something I work on. I see Devin Hester's returns and how he sets them up. That's something I take from my craft. That's something I work on. Especially this last game, the flow of the ball.

On if he prefers punt returns or kick returns:
I kind of like returning punts better but we didn't get many of those. I have to turn a switch on for kickoff return. They tried to get me a few times. It almost worked.

On what the biggest difference is between punts and kicks:
Returning punts, its a little less timing with the ball in the air. With kickoffs, they can take a shot on me. Getting someone to stop their feet on that is harder. You saw #3 try that. That's a little different. Kickoff return is more leaning on your blocks, punt return is creating your blocks.

On if he's a DB who returns kicks:
I think you guys classify me as that, so I'll take it. Its fun being back there to return. I enjoy it and it's something I brought to my craft. It's not too big a load. It's not a hassle. Ill take the defensive back.

On what coaches missed in not putting him back there till late:
I don't think they knew I could do it. I didn't bring it to their attention. I was focused on getting the defensive back spot. I wanted to establish as a defensive back first. That allowed me to expand my role. You always want to shoot for what you want to do first before you bring on other roles. I think they brought it up in meetings first and then we had a battle for it. They brought it upon me in meeting with meand Myles and I took it upon myself to do it.

On four touchdowns on defense in four games:
I definitely do believe we can keep doing that. We haven't reached our full potential on the defensive side. We're not worried about the yards that got put up, although we do notice and want to cut down on them. As long as we have all these touchdowns in the end zone, then we're fine. We do want to reach for beter goals.

On facing a quarterback like Travis Wilson:
Doing our job, being in a place where we're supposed to be and not forcing plays and trusting our technique. I feel like every week is the same thing. If we focus on what we're supposed to be doing, the plays will come in the game.

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