VIDEO: Payton on UCLA's Big Receivers

OCT. 1 -- Junior wideout Jordan Payton talks about how UCLA's bigger, physical receivers have an advantage, and facing Utah's defense...

Jordan Payton answered questions from the media during Utah week.

On watching the ASU film:
I thought we played extremely physical on the outside at all levels on offense. The penalties are still a big deal for us. We have to clean that up, especially against a team like Utah. We'll just get everything corrected and get ourselves ready for Utah.

On the penalties:
I think a lot of it comes from being over aggressive because we want to help this team. A lot of it is aggressive penalties. A lot of overaggressive things. It's been a problem for three years so we have to clean it up. This week, we're pushing ourselves to clean it up for Utah.

On Pac-12 teams being high in penalties overall:
I think we're aggressive as a conference. We try to make plays all over. With that, you'll get penalized.

On if something else contributes to the conference's high penalties:
I have no idea. I have no idea. I think that's the only line I can come up with.

On what was done differently on offense:
To be honest with you, I think we were just clicking. The past games we were clicking also. Its just getting everything going. Like a machine, getting it going. We looked good on all cylinders and high powered.

On if he's surprised with his numbers:
I try to come out here and play the best I can. You practice and prepare yourself, you expect things to happen. Am I surprised? I guess it's just me playing the game. That's what I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to catch the ball and score. It's a simple game. Hard work pays off.

On what makes Ishmael Adams so frustrating to go against:
He's just a playmaker. Ish is a phenomenal player. He plays with so much heart and passion. You've been here long enough to see him. He has no quit in him. It's Ishmael.

On if he's surprised teams still kick to Adams:
Keep kicking to him. He's a phenomenal athlete in general and he can do that on any side of the ball. I'm so glad we could come to the same school and see him do that on every level.

On when it was at Oaks Christian he realized what Adams could do:
There was a moment that stood out our junior year where I couldn't play because I had a sprained ankle, and Ish took an interception to the house. He got a punt return to beat St. Bonaventure basically by himself. That's when I said this dude is the real deal and was happy I could play on those two teams with him. He's a real fiery player. He's nasty. If you want to go against Ishmael, you better be prepared.

On where that comes from:
I have no idea. I didn't grow up with him but he comes out here and works hard every single day.

On Utah:
They play really physically. That's a staple of their defense and program, that they come prepared every week to fist fight. Their corners look athletic and they have a safety that moved to corner, Rowe, who's athletic. It will be another fist fight for us.

On the special teams setting up the offense:
It changes the play calling. You have a competitive advantage. You go into the meat of your offense. You don't worry about field position. It helps the offense get it going and their rhythm.

On the size of the receivers:
That's a credit to our offseason, and developing ourselves to full strength and having that physicality of receivers. Thomas Duarte and Eldridge Massington are some phenomenal receivers.

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