VIDEO: Kendricks on the Defense

SEP. 30 -- After watching film of the Arizona State game, senior inside linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about the improvement the defense needs to make...

Eric Kendricks talked to the media during Utah week.

On the defense against ASU:
We obviously made a ton of mistakes in the run game and pass game but we're going to correct that this weekend. For the most part, we were flying around, got a lot of turnovers so we try to take the positives and negatives and work through them next week. Which is this week.

On if its sustainable to get takeaways each week:
Absolutely. We harp on that as a defense, those are the keys to winning games. If you provide those, you have a chance.

On if their gambling style results in giving up more yards:
I mean, I think it's just our technique and the things we're making mistakes on. We'll work on them this week.

On if they went a little more prevent up big:
I can't tell you what we're doing. It's a secret. Nah, just more discipline and sticking with our assignment.

On penalties:
You're going to have some penalties here and there. Technique penalties, you have to minimize, some will be from being aggressive. It's a little bit of both. They're definitely stressing it. A lot of the penalties were individual discipline issues as opposed to being overaggressive.

On what Ishmael Adams brings to the defense:
That saltiness we need. He's back there communicating and talking and working hard and showing an example for everyone else.

On seeing Adams' pick-six unfold:
He caught it and was running to the right. As soon as he caught it, I was looking for a block. I was like 'don't run that way, come back, I'm blocking for you'. He cut back and I just walled somebody off and it was nice and easy. It wasn't a big block, the guy was running to the sideline, his back was to me, I just sealed him.

On Adams' vision to see the blocks:
It's crucial back there. He definitely set him up going right then cutting back left. He set me up too. I wasn't expecting it. It was awesome. He works hard in practice, so I'm not surprised at all.

On Utah's offense:
They like to spread it out like most Pac-12 teams. They have a lot of good speed back there at the receiver position, an experienced quarterback and they like to take shots. It should be a good challenge for us.

On Travis Wilson's run against Michigan:
Some people think it's stupid, I think it's courage and heart. When you have someone who runs like that, that's what you want, someone who puts it out on the field.

On if they like playing risky QBs:
We just have to work on what we're going to do and focus on what we have to focus on.

On what Wilson does well:
He may not look like it, but he runs a lot. He's a good passer down field. When you're a competitior, good things happen.

On Kenny Young:
He's doing excellent. He's under Coach Brick's rule. He's learning a lot and fast. He's doing great so far.

On Myles Jack's biggest improvements:
In the meeting rooms. He's picking up what offenses are doing. Last year he was sort of just out there. Now he's learning football a little more.

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