VIDEO: Vanderdoes on the DL

OCT. 1 -- Sophomore defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes talks about how he believes he's continued to improve as the season goes on, the pass rush, and more...

Eddie Vanderdoes talked to us during the Utah week.

On the Utah offense:
It's a good football team. Their front has a bunch of big Samoans. The last two years, they've been big and physical. They have a quarterback who moves well, and the biggest difference is his decision making. That's going to be a task for us. They have a quick running back. One of the kids is from my area, he went to Grant, Devontae Butler. I know a little bit about him. I know their other back is good as well.

On the strongest part of their run defense:
Fitting our gaps. There is nothing big to it, just doing our job and staying in our gaps. Nothing more, nothing less. Hit, stay there and wait, wait, wait. That's it. Like we say, we have all our gaps covered.

On the pass rush:
We don't have the sack numbers, but we're doing our job and the pocket is collapsing. It's one of those things, we're right there. Right there. Either a second too late for the quarterback, or one move and we would have hit them. We're almost there.

On stopping D.J. Foster:
I knew he was running for a lot of yards. Going off last year, we were definitely prepared for him because last year he played well. To win a game, we had to lock down a guy like that.

On getting a pass rush against Travis Wilson:
It's very important. For any quarterback, it's important to get a pass rush. He showed last year he's a gambler. This year, I wouldn't say he's too much of a gambler. He's a good decision maker. We want him to get where he's uncomfortable.

On if he feels his own improvement since camp:
Yeah, I think I'm getting better. I'm getting a feel for the game a little more. I was out for spring, most of summer and wasn't doing as much agility stuff with the team. It was basically riding the bikes and then straight to San Bernardino. Everything happened fast and I feel I've adjusted well. I still have a lot more to improve on.

On if he was behind a bit on scheme because he was out for spring:
A little bit. Just knowing that, staying the gap, sometimes I'd play two gaps, this year, was just staying in the gaps. I was rusty.

On getting into game shape:
I don't really get that tired in the games, if I ever do, Coach Angus will sub someone in. We do a great job communicating to him.

On when he'll get a pass thrown to him:
Whenever Brett throws it to me. I'm not going to complain we scored. I was open. But Nate got the touchdown and that's all that matters. We scored, that's all I cared about.

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