VIDEO: Van Dyke on Burning Redshirt

OCT. 2 -- The true freshman wideout Alex Van Dyke talked about playing for the first time this season against ASU and wanting more playing time...

Alex Van Dyke talked to us during Utah week.

On getting in to his first game against ASU:
It felt good. I wasn't really nervous until I stepped on to the field and that's when a bunch of adrenaline started pumping in. But it was fun.

On if he was expecting to play:
Was I expecting it? You work hard, you get on. Just continue to work hard and play my part on the team. They had a play they told me about so I was expecting to go in.

On if he planned to redshirt this year:
My plan was to come in and compete for a spot. And if I got the opportunity, I'd take it. Now I put my head down and work and see how I can better the team.

On how many plays he played:
Enough to benefit the team and get Nate (Starks) the touchdown.

On the biggest adjustment to college:
It wasn't really an adjustment but the tempo and the skill set. You have to sharpen the skills to get better. That's what Coach Yarbs is out here doing for us.

On what Yarber pushes them the most on:
Just overall. Like dropping my weight. All the little things that make a receiver good.

On if he's shaken the "Bambi" nickname:
I think that's going to stick. Bambi is Bambi, I embraced it and I'm cool with it.

On if he was told he'd play before the game:
Before the game they told me that they had a package. I was excited and more than happy to hear it.

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