VIDEO: Ulbrich on Pass Rush

OCT. 1 -- Jeff Ulbrich talks about the impact of playing 100+ plays against ASU and what help Takkarist McKinley could provide to the pass rush...

On the Utah offense:
It is what it was. They're committed to running the ball with a physical offensive line and good running backs. They have a quarterback, who when he gets hot, he gets hot, with good receivers to throw it to. With a defense as hungry as they are, it's a great challenge for us. It's the perfect team for us.

On Ishmael Adams' improvement:
He's just one of those coaches son types, savvy, understands the game at a high level. He works his butt off. He's the guy who's always working hard and communicating and leading the defense from the back end. What happens in games is a byproduct of what happens out here.

On if Adams is playing with more control:
He's just gaining maturity like these youngsters do. Finding their way. He's definitely finding his own little niche and he's invaluable to us.

On Takkarist McKinley's performance against ASU:
It was good. He plays his butt off. Its just a matter of getting him up to speed with our scheme and once we do he'll give us that added element. We ran out of gas a little bit. We sit down, and I love our offense, Noel is up here drawing 80-yard touchdown plays. So our pass rush is over there, they take a two-second break and then they're up again. We lost a little edge with our pass rush, but we're eager to get back to doing that.

On how they factor in 100+ plays in assessing the defense:
You take it in to consideration for sure. At the same time, you have to do a better rotation. Changing the way we do it, applying a little more pressure. You start accumulating things. You don't want to get beat deep. But it's great to be around these guys on a daily basis and seeing them work.

On playing a slower paced offense like Utah:
Our service stuff has slowed down a bit, we still have some tempo, but it slows down a bit. You go all through training camp and our offense is always on the ball. So now it's like 'what's going on, why isn't the ball snapped?' Our guys are gaining the maturity. They're excited about it.

On if he noticed right away what Ishmael Adams brought as a returner:
We knew he was always special. It's one of those things, he's our starting corner, our starting safety, our starting nickel, what more could you ask for. All of the sudden, you put him back there, and there is always the thought you could lose someone valuable on defense, you can't not have him back there. He's something special.

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