VIDEO: Mazzone on Big Package

OCT. 1 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about running play action out of the jumbo set...

On the play action out of the jumbo package:
I guess it will be how you define success. Then the big panda in there, he made a couple. Not like everyone prepares for that. We have to do a little bit better job preparing. It's a nice group to throw in there. Some big boys.

On how much the goal line play action surprises defenses:
Brett made a heck of a play on that one. He stepped back and made a nice throw to Nate. They all get excited when Kenny Clark runs a basic route. Who cares if we score, it was fun. All the kids were pissed Brett didn't throw it to him.

On Nate Iese:
I've seen Nate come light years from where he was. He's such a great kid. But he's really taken a lot of pride in not being 10-catches, all the numbers. But as far as being a blocker. He's really come far. Every week, he's more in the package. Plus, when we throw it to him, he's in the end zone.

On when Hundley hurdled a player against ASU:
I closed my eyes. That was part of the thing with it. We weren't going to put him out there unless he was 100% and thats how he plays. I told Brett I was just going to call plays for him to have fun, throw it around, and enjoy it. We talked about it when we didn't have the injury, about protecting himself. When you run the ball, run away from guys. That's something he's told every week.

On Kenny Lacy:
He came in and did a really nice job. I was proud of Kenny. It was cool, he and Brett and Paul are all Phoenix kids and that was kind of fun for those guys and it was good to see them have success.

On if Utah is a great test for them:
It's a great test for our offense. It's a good defense. They're well coached, they have the defense that has the run and hit factor, they play hard with a lot of energy and bring a lot of different looks. It's a big challenge for us. You can't win today's game on yesterday's home run. That's history. They need the plays made in the pass.

On preparing the OL for blitzing:
It's every week you game plan so you look at who you're playing and work against what they do. Its a heavy pressure team, so we bring more pressure that week. Your work begins with what you see on film. They are a good defense and play a lot of people.

On Alex Van Dyke:
I think he's still in the process of learning. He knows how to play the game, but it's more what to do, how you lineup and adjust. He's a work in progress and hopefully he gets a few more snaps this week.

On where the OL improved:
They blocked guys. We keep forgetting that even through camp and the first couple weeks, it was a different guy at guard and a different guy at center and now they play long enough next to guys, they're used to them.

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