VIDEO: Jefferson on Playing Corner

OCT. 3 -- Anthony Jefferson talks about making the switch from safety to corner last week...

Anthony Jefferson discusses how the secondary has performed this year and what it was like to play corner again:

On playing corner against ASU:
It felt good. It's a natural position for me. Guys moving around, we're finding our way and having fun doing it.

On how it helps them exploit matchups:
I think it's great because it's hard for guys to key in and watch film because everyone is everywhere. I think it's good as far as that and then guys playing the right spot for the right week, and that was the right spot for me.

On his interception against ASU:
What happened is what you saw. And what happened is I still don't even really know. I'm just as confused as you guys. I just made a good play on the balls. I saw his eyes get big bug eyes and anticipated making the play.

On if he'll be the corner to matchup against bigger receivers:
Not necessarily. As far as the game plan, and whats necessary for the game plan, whatever fits, that's what we'll go with.

On Ishmael Adams moving to safety:
He got a pick, doing his thing. Ish can play everywhere. I think all of us have been playing pretty well so far this season and we'll continue getting better.

On if there is a trade-off for moving around:
We have the diversity that our guys can move aronud and play different positions. It's just moving around and making plays and trusting everybody.

On if he envisioned having success after all the injuries:
I've stayed focused throughout my years here. No matter what happened. Wherever they needed me, that's where I was going to play. Whatever they needed, I was fine with it.

On Ishmael Adams' confidence:
I think the confidence came with the hard work he put in this offseason. He's one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. You're obviously seeing it on Saturday's.

On Travis Wilson:
We played him last year and have a good feeling for him. He's about 7-feet, so that's always a challenge but it will be a good challenge.

On their interceptions on him last year:
We take that in to consideration because he did throw so many picks, so he's going to want to have a good game. We're going to have to lock it down and tune in to our concepts and lock it down.

On if Wilson is gambling more:
He's a good player and he's moving around a lot more this year, and making plays. He's a good player. We just have to lock in and not let him make too many plays.

On Utah's offense struggling against WSU:
I think there is going to be more balance. He likes to throw the ball and throw down field. Dres Anderson is a great player and that's one of his key guys and we have to make sure we're guarding him and stay alert.

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