VIDEO: Martin Talks Secondary

OCT. 2 -- Demetrice Martin gives his assessment of Fabian Moreau and also discusses Ishmael Adams' emergence...

On Ishmael Adams:
He's growing with in the scheme of the defense. We can plug him in at any position, which is a great thing. The thing with Ish, what he does in games, is what he does in practice. It reinforces it.

On making up for Randall Goforth's absence:
Randall is a special player. Of course we miss him, but I mention the position versatility, we gear our recruiting towards, real defensive backs, guys who can play corner and safety, nickel and dime. All those things help a lot in Randall's absence. Now it's getting guys reps.

On Fabian Moreau:
He's coming along. I think there was a lot thrown on him earlier in the season and I think he wore that and was trying to do too much. And now, we've talked and calmed him down, and brought him to a place where he just needs to do his play and you'll see a different Fabian this week. We told him we have different guys who can handle it, he doesn't have to defend every pass. You just need to defend what comes your way. And it's already showing up this week in practice and I expect it to happen in games.

On Ishmael Adams' confidence:
I've put the cape back on him, and called him Mighty Mouse. He was Mighty Mouse without the cape, and now I've strapped it back on him. He's kind of letting it out a little bit.

On if they worry putting too much on Adams' plate:
I always worry. Last year, I was the culprit who held him out on returning kicks because we didn't have a lot of depth back there. I was kind of that mainstay. This year he worked himself in shape with Coach Alosi, and I knew he could take the pounding and take the hitting of the defensive side of the ball.

On his vision:
If you look back at Ish, he had tremendous film as a running back. When I recruited him, I was at another school at that time and we liked him at running back, we thought he was that type of player. He has all that natural feel.

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