VIDEO: Brendel on OL Cohesion

OCT. 4 -- Veteran center Jake Brendel talked about the offensive line playing better and how seamless it was for Kenny Lacy to plug in at left guard...

Jake Brendel talked during Utah week.

On the morning practices:
I like them a lot. You start your day hitting people, it's nice.

On the offensive line getting more cohesiveness:
Really whenever we have time to practice and get used to the guys next to us, there is a cohesive effect.

On how Kenny Lacy did:
He did pretty good. He's always got stuff to work on like everyone else. He did really well.

On if the offense changes when Lacy is in and not Alex Redmond:
It doesn't change at all.

On the line against Arizona State:
We ran the ball pretty successfully. We sprung a couple big runs, and that's something to be proud of, but we've done that the last couple of games. We just need to keep up the same productivity.

On if they felt things improving:
Yeah. I hope to feel that way every game. At the same time, I came out there and we were prettu succesful in the running game and in the pass game.

On what they did differently in pass pro:
Nothing really, we just worked a lot better together as a unit on the offensive line. We were all on the same level and same page. When we can anticipate things, that helps us out.

On Utah's defensive pressure:
They are a very good defense and very good front seven, so we just have to bring our A-Game.

On if Utah presents a better physical test:
Pretty much all fronts are going to try to be physical. Utah is physical and we want to be physical back.

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