VIDEO: Mora After Utah

Coach Jim Mora talked after the Utah game about how it was a team-wide loss...

Opening statement:
Obviously, this is a disappointing loss. My hat is off to Utah. They played a great game and beat us. We all take responsibility for that loss. It doesn’t matter if it was offense, the defense, special teams or the coaching. We have to figure out why. We have to push on from there.

On evaluating the offensive line:
I can’t until I look at the film. Now, you are referencing the sacks. I’ll say it again and until the day that I die or get out of football. Sacks are a component of all 11 [players]. Sometimes it’s a rush, sometimes you get beat, and sometimes the quarterback holds it for too long. It’s a function of all of those things.

On Kendal Thompson playing quarterback:
It wasn’t something that they’d shown a lot of. We had a feeling that they’d play him some, but we didn’t think they’d play him that much.

On Brett Hundley taking the sacks:
Like I said, it’s hard to evaluate those things without looking at the film. For me, I’m looking either at the quarterback or the rush. I know this sounds like coach’s cliché or a cop out. And it’s not. You have to analyze each one when you look at the film. I’m not trying to give you coach-talk or a cop out. That is God’s honest truth.

On trying to kick a field goal with four seconds:
With four seconds left? No, because we were trying to win the game with a field goal. You don’t get another shot with four seconds. A play takes more than four seconds.

On the two Utah quarterbacks:
Just a little bit more mobility out to the left. A guy who – I think the other guy (Wilson) is a good runner – but this guy (Thompson) is a more agile, faster runner. He is probably a little more nifty. He doesn’t throw the ball quite as well, but he runs the ball well.

On Paul Perkins
He’s sick.

On the penalty on the last field goal:
I was hoping we’d make it. Fifty yards is a makeable kick. So, you’ve got to make those. It’s all our guys. It’s not one play. There are a lot of plays that led up to that play that you’ve got to make.

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