VIDEO: Ulbrich on Containment Issues

OCT. 5 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the containment issues on Saturday against Utah...

On Utah's scheme:
It wasn't really the scheme, we have to make a play. At the end there, I felt we had a good read on them. They were playing well there. But a great defense has to stop the run when you know they're going to run. I always put it on my shoulder, try to put them in a better call. At the end of the day, we have to stop them.

On edge containment:
It's one of those things, when you have a mobile quarterback, you're trying to hold the edges verse the pass. But in the run game, you have a tendency to open up some seams in there. I could mix it up, but we have to bow up. We have the guys to get this done. I'm confident in that. We have to become the defense we're capable of becoming. And that's not the way you end the game to be great.

On prepping for Thompson:
We did a little bit. We had seen him come in the game against Michigan when the starter got hurt, and a lot of the same principles. You just take your hats off to them, they played better than us, and thats unfortunate, given the circumstances.

On missed tackles:
I have to watch the film. It's one of those things, hes a big powerful runner and you have to keep your feet and wrap up and that's the culprit. We'll get it fixed.

On if they got a bigger push in the backfield:
When they passed the ball, I felt we did a better job disripting him. I wish we had gotten him on the ground more. Its hard for me to even take that positive. We pride ourselves on stopping the run and we fell short today.

On adjustments:
We played a little more of our 3-4 stuff. Which helped initially. We have to execute better and I have to make better calls.

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