VIDEO: Hundley on Sacks

OCT. 5 -- Brett Hundley talks about the ten sacks he took and what the issues were in reading the defense...

Brett Hundley talks about the three-sack drive in the 4th quarter and more:

On the game:
The one thing we have to do is learn from this game, not dwell on it. We have the 24-hour rule. We have to keep moving.

On pondering the oppportunities lost:
We like to take it one week at a time. Obviously there were a lot of big opportunities for us if we had capitalized, but we didn't.

On if he ever felt comfortable in the pocket:
The offense wasn't in a rhythm. For the start of the game and then at the end we made a charge and got it back. For the first half, we weren't on rhythm, but we came back. We were basically shooting ourselves in the foot. Things here and there, missed things. We killed ourselves and that's the thing we have to fix.

On the ten sacks:
I take a lot on myself. Obviously being the quarterback, I can help my linemen and I have to get the ball out of my hands. Whatever I have to do to reduce that number and help them out, I'll do it. I take a lot of responsibility on myself. The linemen played their hearts out and when we needed it, they made them, and they gave me the time.

On if he has hot reads:
Some plays. Some times its on me and once or twice I missed it, and I take responsibility and we have to get better at it.

On if that was the issue on the three-sack drive:
Not as much. There was one they got me on it, when they brought cover zero. Credit Utah, they had a great defensive plan.

On if there was more chaos at the point of attack:
There was a lot of things going on. As a quarterback, you have to get everyone to slow down. You're the leader of the offense. You have to tell them to chill. We struggled at first, at the end we came along and made plays, but we didn't get the job done and that's all that matters.

On if he wanted a Hail Mary:
First, it was thought, and we had planned for it. But when you have 30-40 seconds left, I trust the offense, and we were able to move the ball and had the opportunity to win the game and all we needed to do was get in field range and have the opportunity, and that's what we did.

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