VIDEO: Rios on First Major Action

OCT. 5 -- Marcus Rios talks about playing major snaps for the first time since his life-threatening fungal infection...

Marcus Rios talks about the issues on defense and playing a major role for the first time in over a year:

On the game:
We came out, we fought hard, but at the end of the day, what happened in the game is what happened. We have to come back next week and work harder and get better.

On the offensive line:
I don't have nothing to do with that, we just have to come back next week and work harder.

On the difference in Utah's offense with Kendal Thompson:
I really didn't notice. I know the defense and offense, we fought hard. Next week, come back and work hard.

On being back out signficantly:
It felt really good, me being what I went through. It felt good to be back out there with my team and my brothers.

On being used off the edge:
It felt really good. I was playing the nickel a lot and a little corner. I'm feeling good, I'm feeling great.

On if the other upsets make it harder to lose:
I'm past it and on to next week. We'll look at the film and the ways we can improve and get ready for next week.

On what Mora told them after the game:
He just said we've got to get better. Can't blame nobody, just work harder and get ready for next week. We can't go back and change that. On to next week now.

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