VIDEO: Perkins on Offensive Performance

OCT. 5 -- Paul Perkins talks about getting sick during the game and how the overall offense did...

Paul Perkins talks about the loss to Utah on Saturday:

On Utah's defense:
We just made some mental errors. We knew what they would do, and knew their gameplan, but we didn't execute.

On how he's feeling:
I'm fine, I'm doing better.

On what happened in the second half:
I felt nauseous. I had to get it out of my system. I wish I could tell you so I don't have to do it again.

On the loss:
We didn't underestimate them, we knew what they were capable of. We had mental errors and didn't play to our standards. We just made some mental mistakes. Didn't ID the guys. We'll fix it for next week.

On how they grow from it:
I think this is a great learning experience. Whenever you get a loss like this, it's great to go in the film room and learn from this.

On getting off their schedule:
We were playing behind the sticks a lot of the time. That's what they wanted us to do. We have to fix it.

On getting on schedule with so many sacks:
It's very, very difficult. It gives the defense momentum, and pushes us back. We're a high powered offense and we have to stay on schedule.

On how surprising it was after the offense clicked against ASU:
It's very surprising. Whenever you have a performance like this, it's very surprising. We have high expectations for ourselves. When we don't play to our standards, its a disappointment.

On controlling their own destiny:
We just have to win out and keep doing what we do, and play Bruin football and we'll be ok.

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