VIDEO: Payton on Receivers

OCT. 6 -- The junior receiver Jordan Payton talked Monday about the performance of the receivers against Utah and facing Oregon Saturday...

Jordan Payton answered questions from the media Monday.

On the aftermath of the loss to Utah:
A loss is always hard to take. It sucks. There are a lot of things we left out on the field after looking at the film. A lot of mistakes we made. Credit Utah for playing us as hard as they did. But a lot of mistakes.

On what mistakes they made:
A lot of them. Receivers not coming off press. Missed throws, missed runs, just a whole bunch of things. We definitely looked at it this morning, but we'll get back to business.

On if the receivers struggled to get open:
I would say we did pretty well. There were moments the pressure effected us and our routes. We definitely have to get better for this game. We're definitely excited for the challenge.

On if Utah pressed a lot:
I think that ASU pressed a lot too. Because they brought so much pressure, it changed how we ran the route. We control how we run our routes and the timing.

On Oregon:
I looked at them yesterday and today, they're extremely good as always, athletic. We're excited and it's a challenge we're up for.

On going against Oregon's defense:
The game plan isn't in yet. We're just excited, it's going to be a ball game as far as the receivers and corners go.

On if the game is more important coming off a loss:
Definitely, now you want to get that out of your system. You'll see a huge response from us. We're all upset.

On if he'll match up against Ifo Ekpre-Olumu:
Yeah, I've been waiting for this because he's one of the best in the country. He's a phenomenal athlete. Just get prepared and ready for it. He's extremely athletic and smart. Playing a guy like that you have to be on your P's and Q's.

On if there is something to take from what Arizona did:
Arizona played them physical so we definitely have to take that. Come out like they did. Arizona played extremely well against them.

On how wild the Pac-12 is:
We were just talking about it. Every single week is such a huge game and every single team is so good that you have to be prepared. This week, the stakes are high and we're going to be ready for it.

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