VIDEO: Hundley On Inconsistency

OCT. 6 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the difference into his play from the ASU game to the Utah game, compares himself to Marcus Mariota, and facing Oregon's defense...

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media Monday.

On what he saw on film against Utah:
We shot ourselves in the foot. That's what we take away. We're such a great team when we stay positive and don't have negative plays. When we hurt ourselves, its when we have self-imposed things.

On the sacks:
It's a combination of everything. I take a lot of accountability for that. I can help getting the ball out of my hand faster, move around. The offensive line played a great game. We just have to be better.

On what he can specifically:
No turnovers. The pick six hurt. Play my game and at a faster pace. Getting the ball out of my hands, no turnover, protecting the ball, all things I can do.

On the pick-six:
It came out of my hand a little too high.

On last year's Oregon game:
A very physical game and one that got away from us at the end. We played a great first half and let it slip away from us.

On if they learned anything from the Arizona-Oregon game:
UofA put up a great game against Oregon. They have great talent on their offense. Obviously we'd like to go out there and do the same thing. We have to play to our strengths.

On the ASU to Utah performance:
Obviously nothing is missed or lost from that. Nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect and nobody will ever be. If its' not like the ASU game, I'm running for 100 or passing for 400. This game, we passed for 300, we ran for another 200. It's not anything being lost, it's what we're not doing, self-imposed.

On learning to turn the page after losses:
It could be a big win for us, a big game for us, but it isn't any bigger than any game previously. The whole nation is going to be watching and we can go out and show what UCLA is all about.

On frustrations against Oregon last year:
The lack of offensive production we had and obviously I didn't play that well. New year and new opportunity.

On Marcus Mariota:
I got to meet him once at the Peyton Manning Camp. He's a great guy. Very humble and soft spoken.

On constantly being compared to Mariota:
We have similar traits. He's a fast quarterback and efficient in that offense and they throw the ball around. When I say hi, I say what's up.

On where they differ:
We both have strengths and weaknesses, but I haven't studied his game enough to notice any differences. He's a good fit for his team and I'm a good fit for mine.

On the Oregon defense:
Their defense is good. I'm a firm believer in defense winning championships. It's going to be a tough test for us this week.

On if he considered Oregon:
I took a visit there, it's a great school. My former Chandler teammate Dion Jordan came from there. I'm glad I chose UCLA, but Oregon is a great school.

On looking past Oregon's bells and whistles:
Their facilities are top of the line and when I went, it was impressive. They have the new facility.

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