VIDEO: Clark on Utah, Oregon

OCT. 7 -- Defensive lineman Kenneth Clark talks about what happened against Utah and stopping Oregon...

Kenneth Clark talked to the media during Oregon week.

On the takeaway after Utah:
It's a tough loss, but we're still in it. We have to do what we need to do to win games and keep working.

On the defensive line:
I feel like we didn't play as good as we normally do. I felt like we did an alright job.

On if it was a technique issue:
It was a technique issue. Not playing up to what our standard was.

On if they were prepared for Utah:
Yeah, we were prepared.

On Utah running the ball:
We took it personally. We needed to come back out here and practice hard.

On the difference in their running game:
They did everything we saw on film. We studied it. We knew what they were doing, we just couldn't stop what they were doing. Like holding our gaps. We just messed up. That's the thing we need to fix in practice.

On Utah's last drive:
Just not working the technique and what coach stresses. Work hard, do what we need to do.

On Oregon's offensive line:
They have some issues, but at the same time, it's Oregon, they have a high explosive offense. Their offensive line has issues, but they have a great coaching staff. We just have to come out there and do what we need to do and stop them defensively.

On Hroniss Grasu:
Im excited for the challenge and excited to play him. He's a great player, has good hands, and I'm excited for the challenge and happy to play him.

On if the OL runs through Grasu:
The center is always the leader. He calls the plays, the protections, the schemes. Hes their best player. I'm excited to play him, excited to play Oregon, it's going to be a great game.

On if the Oregon game is a must-win:
I feel every game is a must win, even Utah. This game against Oregon is a must-win. Everything we have, we don't take any game lightly. We stop them defensively. We treat every game the same and fight for every yard. That's what we need to do.

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