VIDEO: Kendricks on Gap Control

OCT. 8 -- Veteran inside linebacker Eric Kendricks said the linebacking unit is having the same issue week after week...

Eric Kendricks answered questions from the media during Oregon week.

On what stood out in the Utah game:
Gap assignments, things that fell apart. Getting back to that will be crucial.

On the final Utah field goal drive:
We struggled with gaps. We'll get that corrected this week.

On if gap problems are a consistent issue:
It's always hard, especially with double teams. They're game planning for us. Staying in your gap isn't always an easy thing. We have to maintain.

On the youth at linebacker:
We have to remember different formation shifts, and everyone's gap changes. It's not easy. You learn every week and watch film.

On Marcus Mariota:
He's an extremely explosive guys, and one of the best in the nation. We have to contain him. He's an extreme passing threat.

On what makes Oregon running game so good:
They're a run first team. They run zone read, stretch and get to the perimeter. Gap assignments, everyone doing their job.

On the danger of getting out of their assignments:
This year, I've focused on doing my job. It's always the hard part, they're always trying to get you out of your gap.

On Oregon's offensive line:
At the end of the day, its Oregon, they have a lot of talent coming in. They're going to be coached like we are. We're going to make sure we're on point.

On defending Marcus Mariota:
Stay disciplined. Stay in your lanes. Keep your eyes back on him because he can scramble on any moment.

On Royce Freeman:
He's explosive and fast and has good vision. He's a young guy. Film will tell you one thing, but when you play against a guy, you see how he fits in.

On rebounding after a loss:
We let it burn yesterday. It really hurt us. We mourned the loss and we let it gert us back on our feet.

On if there is solace in other top teams losing:
Pac-12 is extremely competitive. That's how it's going to be. When it's a close game, we have to come out on top. Its definitely getting more competitive. But I'm a football player and competitive and I couldn't ask for more.

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