VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

OCT. 7 -- Coach Jim Mora talked after practice Tuesday, second-guessed some things from the Utah game, and looks forward to Oregon...

Opening statement:
We had a good practice, worked hard, and came back and looked ready to go. To me, this team is impossible to discourage. We suffered a tough loss but they bounced back. That's what they do.

On what looks fixable for the offensive line:
I think everything is fixable, it's a matter of coming out here and working hard during the week. Putting them in the right position. If today was an indication of the mindset, I'm encouraged.

On what they specifically saw from the OL:
There were some individuals that needed to play better, its on the staff to put them in a better position. It was staying out of situations where they were able to pin their ears back and come after us. It was the quarterback getting rid of the ball. It was all those things.

On what they can do to help the OL:
Run the ball. Stay out of 3rd and long. Offer them help but chipping and getting rid of the ball quicker.

On if the loss showed them some flaws:
I think every team has flaws. You look around the country, how many undefeated teams are there? It's a tough business. But what's encouraging is this team is impossible to discourage. Utah came out and played us tough. Every team has flaws. We have flaws. You have to work around them and find ways to improve on them. There are no perfect teams in any competitive team sports. What is not impossible to have is the will to get better, the will to win. And this team has that.

On if this is his most competitive team:
Through five games, I wouldn't argue that. You look at everything we did, it was self imposed, we still had a chance with 0 seconds left to win. There are a lot of teams I've been around that would have folded the tent and they didn't. That should give everyone hope for the future. We're building a tough environment and mindset. You look at the games around college football, and it's awesome. If i'm a fan, I'm excited. I love the grit and toughness this team is built on. You cant discourage them. I love it.

On if gap control is an issue because of linebacker youth:
We're a very young team. You think of our offensive line, we started a redshirt freshman and two sophomores. Defensively, we start two sophomores and our linebackers are younger guys. Linebackers are prone to mistakes because of the nature of the position. The responsibility of the coaches is to make sure you coach them up. Put them in a position to do well. Then at some point, you have to send them out there and let them play. Our group takes tremendous pride in that preparation. We get better every week.

On if playing against Kendyl Thompson prepares them for Marcus Mariota:
It probably does. Although Marcus Mariota is really hard to duplicate what he brings to the game. He's so special. I have so much admiration for him. I love his mindset and character. He's so dynamic. Makes the throws. Can run downfield. There is a reason why he's recognized as maybe the best college football player this year.

On Kenny Clark:
Every week he comes out and gets better. We threw him in there and he did some things well. The great thing about Kenny is he takes it well and wants to get better at it. That's encouraging.

On if there was anything he would have done differently on the final Utah drive:
There always is. Every call you make. I would say that was the case with that drive. Always as a coach, you look at yourself and say 'how can we put these guys in a better position to play.' The calls were fine, but you could have done better and we're not going to stop acting that way.

On the two defensive tackles:
Our two tackles, Eddie Vanderdoes and Kenny Clark are two of the best interior lineman that I've been around at this level. They have the potential to be great ones as well. Utah did a nice job, they're a nice physical team. Those two guys are really special. Owa is doing a nice job, coming back from that injury. Jacob is doing well.

On the Oregon running backs:
It really doesn't matter who's in there. Doesn't matter at receiver. Its a challenge for us.

On Royce Freeman:
He's a powerful guy, a 230-pounder who can get downhill and hammer you. I don't know if he's done as much as earlier in the season. But we'll prepare for all those guys. He's got the other tangibles, quick, speed, excellent vision. Like Tyner can. They're all good football players. It will be a great challenge and our guys are excited for it.

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