VIDEO: Jack on Sophomore Year

OCT. 7 -- Linebacker Myles Jack talks about the difference in his sophomore year, not making the big play as much but playing with more gap containment...

Myles Jack talked to us Tuesday after practice.

On the Utah film:
It was all assignments, and all on the defense. Credit to Utah, that was a good team. We may have overlooked them. They were almost undefeated. One of the best running backs I've played. They played a great game and better than we did.

On the importance of bouncing back:
We're in conference play and every loss stings more and more. We have to bounce back and have Oregon, another good team. It's the Pac-12, every game will be a good game.

On avoiding a sophomore slump:
I wouldn't say it's a sophomore slump, I'm playing within the defense. When the play comes to me, I want to make those plays. I feel like I'm doing that. Sometimes you feel like you're in a slump. It's still a young season, and I'm a sophomore and figuring everything out. I'm trying to become a better player. I don't have it figured out and don't have all the answers, but I'm taking it week by week and being patient.

On if he's frustrated with 'not being Superman':
Last year I didn't really blow up on the scene until the end of the season. That's not really my role. It's to play linebacker and when need me, put me at running back. Superman is Ishmael over there. I'm just Myles Jack.

On working as a pass rusher:
I feel like with the guys we have as a pass rusher, they're better than me. My role is more coverage and playing behind the ball. That's where they put me this year.

On if he got away with things last year:
Last year was pretty much, everything goes. I'm staying in my gap, playing within the defense. That's what I'm coached to do and what I'm doing. That's what they've insitilled in us since spring. Summer camp, that's what we focused on. That's what we do, and what we're doing over here.

On if it's a must win:
I believe that and in order to get national respect, we have to beat a team like Oregon. In order for us to take another step forward, these are the types of games we have to win. Even if we won last week, this game would be important.

On the defensive line:
They're better and day and night compared to last year. They're doing their job and doing way better than last year. The guys got better. They didn't have Owa last year. They're solid.

On how it filters to the defense:
It lets everything be better, especially us on the back end. Or when it's Kenny and Eric there.

On a running quarterback:
We're learning from the film from last week. We'll learn from the mistakes last week. Thats our mindset. We look back at our mistakes and turning the page to Oregon. With the zone schemes, and how they spread you out, you have to be where you're supposed to be.

On their running backs:
Royce Freeman is a big guy. He's a really good back. He can run you over, juke you. I was thoroughly impressed with him. He's pretty much taken over the starting role. The running back last week was the same type of guy. I had to tell him after the game, you're a great player. He presented a great challenge. He was just on that night. I was impressed by him.

On stopping Mariota:
The key to him is playing our game. We can't try to figure out what hes about to do. We have to do what we're supposed to do. Cover the guys we're supposed to. Play team defense and contain Marcus Mariota. He's a phenomenal player. Just playing against him last year. He's a great player.

On the zone read:
The challenge and the key is everybody stay in their gaps. Who ever has the quarterback or whoever has the running back, take them. Just do our job.

On their defensive confidence:
Just the mentality, we were hurt after that game. Offense went down and put up points, and we didn't answer. We're exctited to show this was last week and this is this week. Oregon is the perfect challenge.

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