VIDEO: Bunche Says "It's Redemption Time"

OCT. 8 -- Senior tackle Malcolm Bunche says the offensive line, after the issues in the Utah game, is now ready for Oregon...

Malcolm Bunche talked to us during Oregon week.

On the Utah game:
Obviously, we needed better communication between the offensive line, the running backs and quarterbacks. We watched a lot of film and were there on Sunday for like 5, 6, 7 hours, watching Utah, watching Oregon, preparing for Oregon and recovering from the mistakes we made. I felt like we had a good practice and I'm really excited about this weekend. It was loud, people weren't speaking up between the centers and tackles. The tempo was fast and sometimes we don't get the calls with the offensive line. We worked on it today and did a great job today, going through the offense and going through the pass protection. We'll be ready for Oregon.

On preparing for different looks on defense:
We've got to prepare for different teams. Based on their defense and blitzes, we change the protection sometimes, we have different protections and different schemes.

On the offensive line having something to prove against Oregon:

Oh yeah, it's redemption time. We gave up as an offense, what, 10 sacks? It's time for us to redeem ourselves and we know it.

On what Adrian Klemm's message was to them after the game:

Obviously he was disappointed. We didn't play to our expectations. We have to come even better prepared and this week, practice the way we play.

On how Klemm has changed his approach:

After Virginia we'd been progressing as an offensive line. I think Memphis we gave up four sacks, then three sacks (against Texas) and then one (against ASU). So we were getting a lot better and had a bump in the road. Coach Klemm is a positive guy. He's always on us. He's a grinder, always in our face, but yet he's a positive guy and he wants to see us succeed and do good as his core group of guys.

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