Masina Recaps UCLA Visit

Salt Lake City (Utah) Brighton linebacker Osa Masina took his first of five planned official visits over the weekend when he headed West to check out UCLA...

Osa Masina has spent plenty of time in Los Angeles over the last year having taken three unofficial visits to UCLA already. This past weekend, the linebacker was back in Westwood for an official visit.

"It was cool, I had a great time," Masina said. "It was different because I was already really familiar with the school from my other visits. I didn't need to do the whole campus tour or check out the academics as much because I had done that on my other visits. My parents were there and they spent a lot of time touring the campus and meeting with the academic people but I spent most of my time with players and had a really good time."

Masina arrived at UCLA Saturday afternoon.

"They had a night game so I had a lot of time to hang out before the game," Masina said. "I met with the coaches and toured the campus a little and then headed over to the Rose Bowl. It was cool to sit in on some of the meetings and watch the team get ready in the locker room. They had their moments where they would get really hyped up and then would quiet down and get focused.

"The game was crazy and loud. That was my first time seeing a game at the Rose Bowl and it was packed and loud the whole time. It was kind of weird for me because I grew up a Utah fan and have been to a ton of games there. My older brother plays there so I was kind of rooting for both teams. It was a really good game, though, went down to the wire, the last play."

Despite the tough loss, Masina said he still enjoyed hanging out with the players and being shown around the city.

"They were disappointed for sure but were still really good to me," Masina said. "Taylor Lagace was my host and I hung out with a few other guys as well. I had a lot of fun with the players and I feel like I fit in really well there. That was really the main thing I was looking for on the visit.

"Like I said, I already know the coaches and all about the academics. This was about bonding with the players and seeing how I fit in. There wasn't a single time I felt out of place or uncomfortable. They have a lot of great guys on the team and I definitely feel like I could fit in really well with everyone."

Masina did spend some time on Sunday talking with the coaches and going over how he would fit in with the defense.

"We had breakfast at Coach Mora's house on Sunday," Masina said. "I had some good one-on-one time with Coach Mora and (Jeff) Ulbrich. Coach (Taylor) Mazzone is my lead recruiter and I have a great relationship with all those guys. The thing I really like about them is they're never trying to sell me on anything, they're always up front and honest and I really appreciate that.

"They like me as an outside 'backer to rush the passer and also drop back in to coverage. They see me in that Anthony Barr role and that's exactly the same role I play on my high school team. On all the trips I've taken, you always feel like this is the perfect place. You always think about committing and getting it over with but I'm committed to taking my other visits and that's still my plan."

Next up for Masina is a trip to Arizona State in two weeks (Oct. 18) and Wisconsin will be (Oct. 24). USC is set for (Nov. 28) and Michigan is one he still needs to set.

"As of right now, I'm still planning on seeing all of them," Masina. "I could get burned out at some point but, right now, I'm planning to see all five schools and then make my decision. I have no leaders yet, I'm open to everyone and then I'll sit down with my family and figure out where the best spot for me is."

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