VIDEO: Jefferson on Containing Oregon's O

OCT. 8 -- The veteran defensive back, Anthony Jefferson, talks about facing Marcus Mariota and thinks the Bruins are still capable of making the College Football Playoff...

Anthony Jefferson talked to us during Oregon week.

On Marcus Mariota that separates him:
First and foremost, he's an athletic guy that can run with the best of them. He makes great decisions as far as throwing the ball and tucking it and running.

On what they can learn from a running quarterback:
You can learn a lot, you just have to mind gap control.

On gap control as an overall issue:
It's been a problem, but when runs break, that's what happened. We're not pointing fingers. I have to play better.

On the secondary formation:
It was good, I think we played a pretty solid game, they didn't try us too much up top. When it happens, we have to make our plays.

On if a loss has them in a better situation:
Its a weird situation but we never want to lose a game. Our objective is to win our game. The way it happened, I guess it's a better situation, but we have to win our game.

On if they're still capable of making the playoffs:
Absolutely, if we do our job and compete, we'll have a great opportunity to do it.

On if he prefers corner or safety:
I like doing both, whatever is working for the package that week. Whatever it is matchup wise.

On if he likes the individual matchups at corner:
I love competing out there, wherever they put me, I'm competing.

On the Oregon receivers:
I think there are a lot of good guys, speed guys, athletic guys who catch the ball well, but I think they have a good group of guys.

On how they've moved on from the loss:
The 24-hour rule. Win or lose, after that 24-hours, we're on to the next week. Our main focus is to do whatever we can to have a great game plan.

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