VIDEO: Mazzone on Sacks

OCT. 8 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the issues UCLA had blocking Utah's defensive front...

On the issues with the sacks against Utah:
Poor technique and getting beat on a lot of 1-on-1 blocks. It wasn't a pressure situation. The week before, we had one sack against a pressure team. We have to work at it and get better and our tackles need to a better job on the ends. I thought our inside guys did a better job. Our tackles, they've been doing a good job all year, but it surprised me like it surprised probably you guys.

On if the pressure off the edge factors into the game plan:
Yeah, but after the fact. We had a little of that in there, but it hadn't been an issue up to that point. I can remember at the Jets when we drafted DBrickashaw Ferguson, we knew we had to help him and protect him on the edge, and now he's an all-Pro guy. It makes you go back to think and see if you have anything in the package to prevent it from anything.

On Eldridge Massington:
He's doing good, isn't he? If we could have held up better, there would have been more opportunities for him and Jordan. Thomas, I needed to get him involved more. I'm really happy with our receiver corps, they're playing well. And Brett is too, he's completing 76% of his passes. We've always worked hard to get the run going in the game. Last week, we went a little conservative maybe, but I thought the guys did a nice job running the football. I'm excited about this weekend.

On Hundley responding in the fourth:
The kid comes out and the way things are going, its not the first time this year he's done that. We pulled everyone together and put it on his shoulders and he brought us back and gave us the lead. I thought he did a great job on the 2-minute with 26 seconds and put us in position there. You obviously don't want to go through the sack deal, which is crazy. Up to that point, I thought we were making progress. We had given up 3 sacks in the two games and two of them were coverage sacks.

On long play touchdowns:
It's fun, isn't it? It's hard when every play has to be a touchdown play. But that's how the offense goes sometime, and it says something about our outside guys, because they can create the explosive plays.

On if they'll try to extend drives like Oregon:
I don't really think about that, I just try to score. If it takes one play or 12 plays, I'm happy.

On what more he wants from Paul Perkins:
He was a little sick Saturday, he had one explosive play against ASU. I think some big plays, he's done a good job of just grinding out tough yards for us. I'm ready for him to take that next step and make that ten yard gain or five yard gain into a 50-yard gain.

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