VIDEO: Ulbrich on Edge Containment

OCT. 10 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the issues on the last drive against Utah...

On what he saw against Utah:
Obviously, we would have liked to play better, but at the same time, in our development, we have to learn from it. We've got such competitive, tough minded kids that want to make the play, that all want to be that guy. Before we went on the field, I felt it in a good way, that we would go out there and stop them. But what happened was we abandoned our play, not because guys were selfish, but because they wanted to make the play. It was a great learning moment. To me, being at your best when your best is required, and understanding the moment. A great learning moment.

On if there was schematic things to do:
We had the box stacked, we just need to execute at another level. It's not from lack of ability or selfish deal, it's just guys lost their mind a little bit from that standpoint, they wanted it so badly.

On how you keep them focused on their scheme:
I think reflecting on what happened in the outcome of that game is something they can grow from. Schematically, I can do something different and mix it up some. It's always on somebody's shoulders.

On Marcus Mariota:
He's a great quarterback and a great passer and his true strength is his ability to extend players and they have skill position players that get open. He has the knack to get guys open. It's a perfect game for where we're at because we're disappointed with losing and you want a worthy opponent and they are. You know he has the ability to run and you have to prepare for what he's done in the past so we have to be prepared to keep him in the pocket and not let him make plays with his feet. We get to be a witness to quarterback scrambles and runs. We face that on a day to day basis.

On if Oregon's offensive line issues will help their pass rush:
I hope so. The guys that are playing are doing a good job and getting better each week. But I'd like to think so. It was unfortunate last week from a sack perspective that we had, what I counted, at least nine opportunities for sacks and I think we got three, but we'll continue to do that.

On if Oregon is passing more:
To me they've always been a team that wants to spread you out and run the ball. They're going to give you what you give them. If they're running the ball well early in games, they'll pound the pill. I think they ran for 340 yards on us last year, which you don't think of in the spread. But they have a quarterback who can sling it around and hurt you in the passing game.

On Deon Hollins:
Deon gets better every week. You wish he played better in the Utah game. In this conference, with all these spread and tempo teams, we have to be better at rolling guys a little more. The tempo can destroy you. The tempo wears your pass rush down. The fresher we can keep Deon, the more we can get out of him.

On if he gets too aggressive:
He's getting better with that, but he's definitely a guy with exceptional get off and pass rush so we have to find that balance so he doesn't lose his edge and find a balance in his game. Situational awareness, understanding when it's run or pass. With a guy like Marcus Mariota, he's exceptional.

On what Royce Freeman brings to Oregon:
He's bigger but at the same time but he looks like he's got elite quickness now. To me, he's like Byron Marshall, like all those guys. He's exceptional. They've done a great job recruiting skill players, so it's a great test for us.

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