VIDEO: Klemm on Offensive Line

OCT. 9 -- Offensive line coach Adrian Klemm talks about the issues at tackle against the Utes on Saturday...

On the issues on the ten sacks:
The coaches have addressed it a number of times, a culmination of a number of things. When you talk sacks, it's going to fall on the offensive line. There are things we could have done differently. Sometimes you have with young guys, not blaming it on that, but you forget young guys, when they don't have the success they're used to have, it snowballs. Anyone who's played at this level, you have your days sometime. We had cut ups and showed we've done it against a formidable front, we can carry it over. Hopefully it's a learning experience. Unfortunately, it came with a loss. We had two good practices back toback, one of our best weeks of practice. The tackles have been the solid part of the offense. The players of the game on offense from the coordinators before a couple times this season. We said remember who you are and what you did, and learn from it. It's good to see them in there early with us to watch it. It looks like their confidence is back. Thats a good group we're going against. A tremendous amount of depth. It wasn't any different than what we've seen all week. I thought Noel put together a good gameplan, but as an offense, we have to execute. You saw at the end of the game, what we're capable of, but it's got to be constant.

On Kenny Lacy:
He's done a pretty good job coming in, but some things for him to work out. He was thrown in to the fire. For a redshirt freshman coming in, like in the Arizona State game, he did pretty good and he's getting better. My concern in the last game was they'd send everybody, maybe a free guy, I wanted him to focus on those things. But we played one of our better games, interior wise.

On the tackles:
Until this game, they did some things good, but the things everyone focuses on, when an offensive lineman's name is mentioned, it's because of a penalty or a sack. And they were in crucial situations, but those guys have been the strength for us before. Caleb had penalties. But for the most part and being consistent, it's been those two and Jake. They started at guards, but both because of necessity, they have to play tackle. I think they've done a very good job of what they're asked to do. You look across the country, it's difficult to find tackles. With the spread, lineman are asked to do more and are able to do more. It all comes down to being consistent and remaining focused. We see a lot of stuff every week. I watch games and they complain that guys are hurt. I'm like, that's a common theme over here. You get a certain level kid and hope they can get used to it. I take pride in what I do in helping them develop and you hope it carries over to the game. They're kids and I have to work with them so that there is nothing that catches them off guard. I can't go out and play for them but I can go out and get them as prepared as I can.

On if Simon Goines' return would help:
Yeah, but I'm not as focused on Simon coming back as I am the guys I have. I thought I had another guy, he's out of school, so you focus on the things you have. We had a setback last week. Like I said before, guys that have played at this level and the next, you'll have games like that, and it's just unfortunate that we had a loss to go with it. We need to get better and like I told them, when you watch that film, learn from it. It's not all your fault, but you contributed to it, so move on. It is what it is. When things are rolling and the run game is going, we'll get the recognition, but when things go bad, you're going to get that too. We're putting it back together this week and getting their confidence back and we'll roll. It's a great opportunity for us, they'll go hard and get after it and it's a great opportunity for us to get out there and compete.

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