VIDEO: Wallace on Defensive Issues

OCT. 9 -- Linebacker Aaron Wallace talks about the team's issues with containment against Utah and how it'll translate to Oregon...

Aaron Wallace talks during Oregon week:

On the defense against Utah:
We just needed to do our job. We had assigned gaps and we needed to stay in our gaps and keep contain and communicate better. You know when you're not doing your job, you try to fix it on the sidelines or at halftime.

On his position difference:
It's definitely more defensive end than linebacker and we don't drop as much. I like it because it takes a portion of the game out and I can focus on my pass rush more.

On if Utah was a good test:
Yeah, they're a similar offense (to Oregon). Marcus Mariota is going to be a big challenge.

On the difficulty in doing just their job:
You have to take it one play at a time and play within the game, and when you try to do to much, you're not in the game, and that affects the person next to you, so you have to focus on your responsibility first.

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