VIDEO: Young on Adjusting to College

OCT. 8 -- Freshman linebacker Kenny Young talks about some of the defensive issues through five games...

Kenny Young talks during Oregon week:

On the Utah game:
I think we prepared well, the way we're supposed to but they changed things up a little bit and it can get it out of control against a quarterback like that. That was the past, we're just looking forward to Oregon, that's our mindset and that's going to be our approach.

On the adjustment to college:
It's going good slowly. I'm getting more comfortable game by game. Hanging around these guys and learning from them, it's going real well.

On playing early:
Playing early was one of my goals and my expectation. I'm not satisfied. I have a long way to go and I'll just stay hungry and humble.

On where he feels he needs to continue to improve:
A little bit of everything. I have been staying in the film room and working on the little things, like my stance, to being a better leader. There is always something you can work on and that's why I'm in the film room.

On the linebackers filling gaps:
That's part of the job of our defense, doing our job. The split second you don't, things like that happen. We'll fix our mistakes and they won't happen again.

On Marcus Mariota:
I always heard about him, one of our DBs went to Oregon and he talked a lot about him. He's a good quarterback.

On going against Oregon:
You always have good teams, you don't want to underestimate anybody. Especially Utah not being ranked, you would never thing they'd beat a team like us, but things like that happen, so you have to stay humble because teams can slip up. You saw a lot of upsets last week.

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