VIDEO: Vanderdoes Says "It's a Wake-Up Call"

OCT. 9 -- Sophomore defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes talks about using the Utah game as motivation, and about having to stay disciplined against Oregon...

Eddie Vanderdoes talked during Oregon week.

On stopping Marcus Mariota:
Contain him. We have to get after him in the passing game and not let him scramble and make plays.

On if he's noticed Myles Jack have to think more:
I don't even notice Myles to be honest. I know he makes his plays, he does his job and that's all that matters to me. I don't even watch the linebackers.

On if he has to think more:
I got away with a lot of stuff I shouldn't have been doing. Getting away without really knowing schemes. Everyone has a job to do and it's got to be accomplished.

On how you contain Marcus Mariota:
You have to get after him. A guy like Mariota, he's a very versatile athlete who can destroy you with the pass or his feet. You have to keep him contained and you have to rush him.

On if Utah prepared them for Mariota:
Yeah, we were more prepared for the other guy (Wilson), so we're going to make adjustments and keep working on that and keep guys like Thompson and Mariota contained.

On Royce Freeman:
He's a great running back. He's got a very bright future and a future star for Oregon. Not your typical in the past agile guy, he's a big physical back who has elite quickness and reminds me of Frank Gore.

On what makes Oregon's running game so succesful:
Not holding your gap. They're the type of team that they wait for you to not pop your gap, and then break a 60-yard touchdown and make you pay for it.

On if teams are trying to run outside on UCLA more:
I've noticed that from game one. Me and Kenny take a lot of double teams inside and we try to do our job the best. We know that if we hold our gaps, the running back will come.

On Oregon's offensive line:
They're a good offensive line. What they like to do is, not much of an attack style, but position block and try to get in front of you. They have a good center, Hroniss Grasu, a veteran, Cameron Hunt up front, who I faced last year, and their new left tackle as a freshman. I think he's the most aggressive one.

On if there is a sense of urgency:
It's not so much that, it's every game we don't go in with a different mentality, we go in to each game hoping to win. The only thing thats changed is we're a lot more aggressive. Lets get it going. We have to respond this week.

On if Utah was a wake up call:
It was a wake up call, I'd say. Being ranked so high, we didn't say that got to us, but with any football team, you win games, you're looked as a winner, then boom, you lose to a team you didn't expect to lose to, so you get back after it.

On being an underdog:
I love it. My whole life, I liked being an underdog. It feels better than being the guy on top. You hear that, you don't want to blow them out, you want to go in with a chip on your shoulder.

On his touchdown:
If they keep giving me the ball, I'm going to keep scoring.

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