VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

OCT. 9 -- Head coach Jim Mora talks about the matchup with Oregon last year and how to defend against Marcus Mariota...

On if they'll beat Oregon:
That's why we play the game. We'll find out.

On high profile games like Oregon:
I don't remember last year how I felt, or how I reacted. We've won a lot of high profile games. We beat Nebraska twice. We went on the road and beat Texas. We've beat Southern Cal twice. So people that said we haven't won high profile games, I'd absolutely dispute that. We've won a lot of high profile games. This is another one that we're going to try and go win.

On what stands out against Oregon last year:
The fourth quarter. It was really the 4th quarter. With 2:11 left, it was 14-14 and they got it going. We didn't have the ability to get a stop or move the ball on offense. Hopefully we've made improvements till the very end.

On if Alex Redmond is a gametime decision:

On if they've weathered the storm of Utah:
This team, they're impossible to discourage. The fight they've shown every game is a great demonstration of who they are and what they're about. I expect nothing less. They've learned from it, they apply the lessons and moved towards Oregon. I knew they'd do that, that's what we're building here. That's our mindset, toughness and a tough minded group. You may not win every week, but you'll fight every week. No matter what the conditions.

On pressuring Marcus Mariota:
More important than anything, you keep him in the pocket. You don't see a lot of teams pressure him. You see teams get there before. You don't see a lot pressure, because when you do get them in 1on1, they have some guys on the edge. You don't see a lot of teams putting additional pressure on him. The key is to keep him in the pocket and not let him extend the play. He's tremendous and one of the best you'll see. He and Brett are very similar in a lot of ways, in their leadership and how they approach the game. Both the same size, Brett is a little heavier. Can make every throw, then the added dimension of extending a play. Being able to take off and run, that's another dimension. Kind of two-fold.

On if Anthony Jefferson is under-recognized:
I think that he still is. You know the struggles early in his career better than I do. When I got here, he was kind of in a dark place, with injuries that happened, but he's fought through it. He's really embraced what we want to be and turned in to a real leader. His position flexibility is key, ability to play corner, match up against receivers. Go back to safety, come up and make tackles. There aren't going to be a lot of people that talk about him, but we recognize him and our opponents will recognize him and that's a credit to him.

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