VIDEO: Dickerson, McCarthy, Wadood

OCT. 10 -- Matt Dickerson, Ellis McCarthy and Jaleel Wadood talked this week about the Oregon game, and how to limit the Ducks' offense...

Ellis McCarthy, Jaleel Wadood, and Matt Dickerson answered questions this week about Oregon.

On his season so far:
We can do a lot better. We're not where we want to be right now. That starts on the practice field. Practice tackling, wrapping up. Thats what hurt us in the Utah game.

On how he feels:
I have to work on being the best I can be. Holding my gaps.

On if he started slow:
Not at all. During the games, no.

On how many snaps he's getting:
It doesn't matter to me.

On not wrapping up:
We have to stop our leakage, stay in our gap, make plays as they come to us.

On Oregon's offense:
Same thing we see every week in the Pac-12. Their tempo is really good. We have to prepare for them.

On going against Kendyl Thompson and preparing for Marcus Mariota:
We kind of know what we're going to see and got a little taste of it and we're going to prepare for a running quarterback.

On how they've bounced back from the Utah loss:
Work harder, prepare for the game. You're not going to get it back.

On if a win over Oregon will vindicate their loss to Utah:
We prepare the same no matter what, there is not one game that is more important.

On getting a sack:
It was a big play at that point in time in the game and I made my first big play in the Rose Bowl. It was just a safety blitz, the quarterback scrambled and I came from the back side and he turned and came my way.

On the challenge of Marcus Mariota:
We know that he's a great player, but we treat him the same as any other quarterback. We play him how we play, physically.

On watching Mariota in high school:
I watched him a lot, you saw a lot of Marcus Mariota. I got used to knowing his face.

On what he does well:
If something is not there, he can create a play with his legs. Or through the air.

On if he expected to contribute as quick as he has:
Me being the person I am, I didn't want to be a person who sits and watches. Anyway to help the team, how I can contribute, it's all for the team.

On playing:
I'm blessed to be healthy and playing right now. It was real emotional for me because I hadn't play so long. I got hurt the first day in pads in high school. I started hitting and didn't feel anything and was relieved.

On playing in the Rose Bowl:
It's unbelievable, running on the field, crowd roaring at you, running out with your brothers, I love it.

On how they rebound from the Utah loss:
Keep doing what we're doing, work on technique more. Grind out every day and do it in practice.

On what they saw on film against Utah:
We did what we did, we'll get it fixed this week. It started in practice and the film room.

On if he made some freshman mistakes:
I can't say anything about that, I wasn't surprised completely.

On how he feels:
I feel great. I first had the jitters in the beginning against Virginia and Memphis but I'm getting used to it and that's what I love about playing.

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