VIDEO: Mora After Oregon

OCT. 11 -- Jim Mora talked about the loss to Oregon and the sideline incident with Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich...

Opening statement:
Before we get going, I want to bring up two things. First, I think it was a record for our student section today with something like 13,500 students here. Our crowd at the Rose Bowl, we couldn’t get a win for them today, but we see and hear those guys in the stands. Nobody is more disappointed than the guys in that locker room there. We know that people are buying in and we appreciate that and we notice that. We will continue to go out and keep fighting and invite you to keep coming back to the Rose Bowl. They caught me and Brick on camera there and we are both very passionate and competitive. If you don’t have that fire, then something is wrong with you in this business. If you don’t have that respect where you can have difficult conversations with each other … We are fighting to win, and we love each other dearly. He’s one of my closest friends and he’s among the most fierce competitors that I’ve ever been around in my life. He spent 10 years in the NFL for one team – do you know how hard that is to do? We didn’t have to ‘make up’ because that is just our relationship. It’s two guys who just die to win and are passionate about football and have a long history. That’s all it is. When you play a team like Oregon, you’ve got to be almost perfect to beat them. They are just so explosive and so good. We did some things that were really positive, but we shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. If you give a team like that a short field, it’s going to make it very difficult on your defense. We’ve got to figure out how to put the ball through the uprights, and we need those threes.

On their mistakes:
I think it’s an emotional environment. You need to play on that edge, and sometimes you step over that edge and you need to draw it back. We did have a couple of costly penalties. Going into that game, we were only third in the Pac-12 in penalties, which is a huge improvement since last year. But, yeah, you get keyed up. These are young men still. Part of my job is to teach them how to control their emotions at critical times. And sometimes it is going to be a little bit messy. I’ve never been in a football game where it isn’t a little messy. There is a human element to every competitive sport. You just have to get better.

On the situation with Ulbrich:
It’s just the passion of the game. How many of you guys have ever been on the sidelines coaching a game at any level? I mean, even ‘pee wee’ football coaches are grinding. If you are a competitor, which we are, then those things happen. If you cannot accept that, then you don’t understand what competition really is. They don’t understand what passion really is.

On Eddie Vanderdoes’ punch:
The official came over and told me he saw him throw a punch. I’ve talked to Eddie immediately. We address those things immediately. It’s not something we condone. It happens.

On a second loss:
It’s like any loss. You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off. You pick up on your mistakes, you block out the noise more. You have to focus on the positives. You lean on each other and you continue to battle. This is a competitive sport and a competitive team and a competitive game. No one is going to fold it up. You’ve got two options really – you can quit, or you can fight. And we will choose to fight.

On the team's mood:
Every loss is disappointing. These young men put so much into it, and school has started up. They just went through their first full week of school. They are not defeated, and they will continue to work hard to get better. They will continue to focus on the positives and not the negatives. We are going to battle next Saturday. That’s what you do. This is what we do and this is our passion and this is what we love.

On the first half:
We were able to move the ball between the 20s. Going into this game, I believe we were one of the top two or three teams in redzone offense in the country. We did not get into the end zone or get it through the uprights. Brett [Hundley] making that play there at the end of the second quarter to make it 21-10 was huge. We felt like we could come back and the start of the second half and take it down. But, they got us stopped and they went down and scored, so it switched real quick.

On stopping Oregon on their first two drives:
First of all, you have to remember that Oregon has a really dynamic offense. They have one of the most dynamic offenses in college football in the past few years. They’ve got a great quarterback in Marcus Mariota. There are not many games where they are held to little or nothing. This Pac-12 is wide open. It’s a little bit of everything. It’s us trying to get it right and maybe not getting it right on a play. Sometimes you get beat. Sometimes, it’s everything. You cannot say it’s just one thing when you play that many things. It’s a lot of things. Every game is like that, win or lose.

On Hundley's interception:
That wasn’t Brett’s fault. The receiver stumbled. The receiver ran down, the corner was off, right before he got his foot down he stumbled. It was an unfortunate misstep at the wrong time. Really unfortunate. Brett absolutely was not at fault on that one.

On their effort:
Effort? Did you see our team fight until the very end there? You need to give credit where credit is due. That is a very talented football team that has been running the same system for a very long time. Effort? The word ‘effort,’ I get a little bit sensitive to. Guys that are not giving their full everything to a game. And when you see the way we fought ‘til the end, I don’t think you can question effort. It can be execution or scheme, but it certainly was not effort.

On if this loss feels like the Utah loss:
Every loss is different . Every loss has its own formula. The important thing for us is to go back and re-group and stay focused and block out the noise and get back on track. I’m very confident that this team will do that. But right now, it’s very disappointing. We will find a way to do that, just in knowing how these young men have reacted before.

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