VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defense, Mora

OCT. 11 -- Jeff Ulbrich talks about his argument with Jim Mora on the sidelines and what the issues have been on defense...

On what happened with Mora:
This is a passionate game. I love Coach Mora. And we're both extremely passionate people and we're both defensive minded people. So, unfortunately it happened. I should have handled it better, that's what it comes down to.

On if Mora said something:
Good, bad, indifferent, there is always a response from both of us, especially when the defense is on the field. It's a thing where I just responded the wrong way. I should have responded better.

On when he realized it was a mistake:
About 30 seconds in to it.

On handing Mora the playcard:
I'm not sure exactly. I was in a moment and lost a little control. That's not a good message for my players. I have to handle it better. My strength is my passion and my weakness is my passion at times.

On having passion:
Unfortunately, like it or hate it, that's how I am. I try to be honest with the players and with you guys, and at times, there is no filter. Maybe I should develop a filter better. I shouldn't have acted that way.

On players watching it:
Its one of those things, we're both passionate people and they see that fire for us. It was a weakness today from my standpoint, but it can be a strength for our players, because they know there is no crap, no bullshit with us and they can see the honest truth. At times it can be a positive, today it wasn't. We don't let things linger.

On if he had seen that as a player:
I think had we followed that up with erratic behavior and playcalling and lost control that may have been the message, but we got composed, recovered and started working on our adjustments. To our players, they're accustomed to the passion. Not the setting and the outburst. At the end of the day, I have to react better.

On if they said anything at halftime:
Nothing beyond normal adjustments.

On when he found out it was on TV:
About seven minutes ago. Honestly, I tell this to my players all the time, this coaching thing for me is like the cream. My dream was to play and I'm trying to create the best opportunities for my player. I like you guys, but to be honest, I could care less about the public perceptions of me. Maybe that's a flaw. I care about the coaches I coach with, and I care about the coaches in the locker room. I got to fulfill my dream and when I let them down and we play like that, I feel like that's my fault. I have to get them better preparation and make better calls.

On turning the negative into a positive:
Adversity is always a way to grow and get better. We have to fix it. I'll be the first one that has to point the finger at myself. I'll work and get it fixed.

On what they need to fix:
We tried to be on the simpler side, probably more of an NFL approach, like NFL defenses. The Seahawks ran three defenses in the Super Bowl. Try to embrace that. Simple and fundamental. I have to give them more options. It's on me. Some of these collegiate offenses are tricky and sometimes when you're really fundamental and disciplined, at the end of the day, it comes down to me.

On diagnosing the defense's passion:
We have to be better. And it starts with me. Especially against the run, it's something our group takes enormous pride in and it wasn't effective today. Whether that's becoming more disciplined in our run gaps or me giving up more variety, we have to fix it.

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