VIDEO: Jack on Rebounding

OCT. 11 -- Myles Jack talks after the loss to Oregon about where UCLA goes from here and what they need to do to rebound...

Myles Jack talks after the loss to Oregon:

On if they had too much emotion:
No, I felt like me personally, I needed to bring something extra to this game, some type of energy. I felt that was my role. In a big game like this, two teams that could have been undefeated, I needed to step up and bring something to the table, and I needed to bring it every play.

On UCLA fumbling inside the ten after the first two stops:
It's not deflating, us as a defense, when we see that, we take it as a challenge. We don't get mad at the offense. We want to get on the field, and make plays. We wanted to try and stop them.

On why they couldn't stop their run:
First and foremost, credit to them, they have athletes. Marcus Mariota is who he is, he's the real deal. They have three stellar running backs, Tyner, Freeman and Marshall. They have players and they'll make plays. We do what we're coached to do and it comes back to us.

On getting over the hump:
At the end of the day, we have to get better. That's all you can look at it as. I'm only one person. Whoever is at that gap, has to be there. They have great athletes, they're going to do what they do.

On Oregon's pressure on offense:
I would say the linebackers, they put us in conflict, the whole option thing. It really puts us and the defensive ends in a lot of conflict. They have a system that works, and it's really strenous on us. You're waiting for them to do something.

On what they have to do to reset the table:
We have to regroup. We can go up or down, with two losses back to back, it could go haywire. We have to regroup and get back to what got us 4-0.

On if guys are fiery:
It's just people not wanting to lose. A big game like this, nobody wants to lose. We're going to hold each other accountable. It's nothing personal, but we're holding people to the standard we're used to.

On if they're concerned about Mora/Brick sideline issue:
Coach Brick and Coach Mora have known each other forever, they have that relationship they can get on each other. They'll get together and dial up something. They're fine.

On building off the loss:
Moving forward becoming better, watch the film, study it and see what we did wrong. We have to change something. Something's gotta change, we just really have to play our games. There is no panic.

On losing to Oregon again for a second straight loss:
A loss is a loss. I would definitely say losing to Stanford and Oregon was something that was a possibility, where everyone thought we would beat Utah. Two losses is two losses, and it hurts, but we're capable of doing what we did last year, we have the team that can turn it around like last year. You'll see a different UCLA Bruin team.

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