VIDEO: Perkins on Second-Half Effort

OCT. 12 -- Paul Perkins talks about the running game and what he saw from his teammates after UCLA went down 42-10...

Paul Perkins talks after the loss to Oregon:

On his game:
The most important thing is we get the win, so regardless of my stats, the emphasis is getting a win and we didn't do that.

On his own improvement:
It speaks volume to how good the offensive line has played, understanding the schemes and game plan. It really is a testament to how good they're doing up front.

On the demoralizing third quarter:
We had to keep going, keep fighting and scoring, and stay in the game. We stayed in the game.

On the offensive yards:
I don't know how we'll do it moving forward, but we need to get everything fixed, get out all the bugs and get ready for next week.

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