VIDEO: Hundley on Oregon

OCT. 11 -- Brett Hundley talks about what happened in the 42-30 loss to Oregon on Saturday...

Brett Hundley talks after the loss to Oregon:

Opening statement:
We put up some numbers, but at the same time, we didn't capitalize. We got in the red zone but didn't score touchdowns. We just have to get a win and work to get to the Pac-12 championship.

On running the ball:
It was all basically on me, I took it upon myself, if I didn't like what things looked like, I took it. I was able to make some plays, the touchdown at the end of the half.

On the touchdown before the end of the first half:
That was huge to close out the half and then we got the ball back in the second half.

On shaking it off:
You've got to. The one positive is we can learn and we still have positive things in front of us. We can still win the Pac-12, can still get to the Pac-12 championship. We can't be a team that gets down on ourselves, we will pick it up from here.

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