VIDEO: Mazzone Talks Offense

OCT. 12 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the use of Myles Jack on the first scoring drive...

On what he saw on offense:
Not watching the film yet, I thought we did a good job of controlling the football and putting drives together. But I don't think we did, we've been good at putting drives together in the red zone, in the first half, we've got to stick the ball in the end zone. We had Devin there and the ball gets tipped and we have to settle for a field goal, then we miss a block and had to try another field goal. We have to put it in the end zone. I thought they did a lot better in the second half of finishing halves.

On Myles Jack getting tired after their first half tempo drive:
Yeah, he had been playing defense too. I think we ran him like four or five times right in a row. I should have gone for number six.

On the wider splits:
We wanted to create more splits for Brett too. I really thought that Brett really battled out there today. Running the offense, I thought where we made some improvements, our protection was solid. That's a good front they played against. We created more space for Brett, that he can use his legs in some of those situations where they have us covered. I thought the outside guys did a better job of rallying to Brett when he got out in the pocket.

On Conor McDermott going in at left tackle:
I hadn't talked to Klemm, I don't know if Malcolm (Bunche) got a ding or something. I don't know what happened there, but Conor did a really nice job for us.

On Paul Perkins:
He did a nice job, and you know who else did a nice job, was Nate. I'm really happy with those guys. I don't know what we rushed for, but Paul, he's still young. Nate is a freshman and he's a sophomore and I felt they got better as the game went on which is what good backs do.

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