VIDEO: Payton On Underdog Mentality

OCT. 13 -- Wide receiver Jordan Payton talked about fixing team-wide mistakes and going on the road against Cal...

Jordan Payton talked to the media Monday.
On the loss:
It was a tough loss. Those two turnovers cost us a lot. Especially the early one. We made a lot of mistakes the past two weeks and we have to get them fixed immediately. It's urgent that we fix the mistakes. A loss is a loss and the magnitude may change each week, but now it's more urgent that we win. This one hurts a lot because you put a lot of time and effort in to understanding how big that game is. For us to go out and play like we did, it's sad and hard. It's what comes with the game and we have to understand that. Some things come at life, like adversity. We have to get the mistakes and the techniques and errors out of our system. Everything that's causing us to slow down. I could say for my perspective, I have to play better, the receivers have to play better. That's where I have to start.

On wrong routes being ran:
I don't want to get in to specifics, but I would say, things in general, we have to play a lot better if we want to win, especially to play a team like Oregon down the road. This week, Cal can light you up, you know you have to put points on the board.

On if the mood in the locker room is different:
I'm more mad than anyone. The team is picking each other up. It's hard to do, but now we have to be tighter than ever. Focus on the game coming up. Now we have to win. Now we have to do everything right. We have to play well.

On if that's a better mindset:
To be honest, I like that mindset. I subscribe to that mindset. I can't speak for everyone, but the looks of the locker room, it is.

On losing two games in a row:
It feels like the world is against you. When you lose two in a row, you feel like you've lost ten. Two weeks of not winning when you've gotten used to winning. You have to understand what's going wrong and win and get that sour taste out of your mouth.

On home teams being 4-14 in the Pac-12:
I was actually looking at that the other day. I don't know what it is, maybe the home team is getting complacent. I have no idea why that is happening.

On the Cal game two years ago:
I remember it was 'what the heck is going on'. That was the phrase we used. They play well up there. It's some curse we have. But we're excited to get up there and play. We need to get this sour taste out of our mouth. I know I'll be ready and the receivers will be ready.

On Paul Perkins:
He's phenomenal. Watching the film, he's doing a great job and he's a great athlete. He puts in so much extra work. He's a phenomenal person and I'm so proud of him. That's a credit to him.

On if Perkins was a missing link in the offense:
Those types of runs are something we need. For him to go for 187 yards is phenomenal. That's what this offense needs. Credit to Paul, credit to the offensive line.

On if Oregon took away deeper routes:
They played a little softer and dropped eight a lot. They did a great job. They're an athletic defense. We made more mistakes than their big plays.

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