VIDEO: Hundley On Not Finishing

OCT. 13 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley said the offense moved the ball against Oregon, but didn't translate that into points...

Brett Hundley answered questions Monday.

On the Oregon tape:
We just have to execute in the red zone. We put drives together and moved it down the field efficiently and we have to turn it in to seven points.

On Oregon's defense:
They did a great job and they were dropping eight and I saw them drop nine once. They were trying to defend against the pass, so you have to sit back and find the windows. Everything was working. We put together some solid drives. We have to come up with points.

On what happened in the red zone:
We didn't get the points.

On why they didn't finish:
Oregon has a good defense. They stopped us a couple of times. They tipped the ball to Fuller. Then coming up short.

On the tipped pass:
That's a walk in touchdown if not. Things like that shot us. When you have a walk-in and its tipped down.

On if a touchdown there gets them momentum:
I'd imagine so. Maybe it would have went better from there.

On turning it around after two losses last year:
Learning the same things as last year. We still have to play our game and our brand of football. Our standards of UCLA football.

On his last visit to Berkeley in 2012:
It wasn't a pretty one. At the same time, we learned a lot. We didn't come out victorious, but hopefully we can turn it around.

On if that was his worst game:
It was one of them. Two years ago, when I was a freshman. There were a lot of mistakes made in that game.

On if they're playing at the tempo they want:
I think Saturday, we moved the ball pretty well. Snapping with 15-25 on the clock. We were still moving. You have to kill tempo a little to make sure everything is where it shoudl be, but at the same time, we were moving.

On if there was a shift in the offense in the fourth:
It showed how explosive our offense is, but we have to do it for 60 minutes.

On if they know why they haven't started fast on offense:
No, we just have to come out ready to go. Finishing strong is something we're good at, we have to put that together at the beginning.

On if Oregon was a missed opportunity:
You end up on the short end when you miss opportunities.

On home teams being 4-14 in Pac-12 play:
Statistics are statistics. I personally don't care about that number. You're in between the white lines when you're there.

On being an underdog:
We have to come out and play football, that's what it boils down to, no matter if you're an underdog or front runner.

On the difference in the offense Paul Perkins makes:
Huge. Paul Perkins is a one of a kind running back. And to take the reins from Johnathan Franklin, he's done a tremendous job. A Chandler High product, I give him all the props again.

On the stats showing a UCLA running back at the top:
Its pretty sweet. Paul is doing a great job for us. And he's doing it consistently. The things he's doing in the open field is unbelievable. Its his comfort with the offense, he has more confidence. He's come a long way from last year to this year. Kudos to the coaches for helping him. Paul has turned the running back position around.

On the read option:
If it's in the game plan. Against Oregon, we liked it. If it's something against Cal we have to look in to and get ready to roll, each week its different.

On if he thought he'd run that much:
Yeah. If i have to do it, I'll do it. If I have to take off running, I'm going to.

On Paul Perkins and Eldridge Massington's development:
It's special. To grow up with Paul Perkins and mentor Eldridge, to see him and Paul grow in to the men they're becoming. You can tell Paul is going to be a special back at UCLA.

On if he knew Perkins would develop like that:
Yeah, I knew it. We ran track together as little kids from cheetahs to now. We've been together our whole life. To see who he is, it's special. It's crazy to see we're still playing football together. Since high school, its crazy that we're in the backfield together, running the zone read.

On the wider splits:
It helped a lot, with running lanes, being able to take off. The line did a great job this game. I think it helped them. Obviously if it helps them, they're going to do it.

On Conor McDermott:
He did good. I love Conor. He's a special player. Unfortunately, he had that shoulder. But at the same time, him just busting his butt to get back and seizing the moment.

On if their backs are against the wall:
You can think like that but I don't want to create excess pressure. We would like to win out and that's what we need to do. But you have to focus on what you need to do.

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