VIDEO: Mora on Getting Back on Track

OCT. 14 -- Coach Jim Mora talked Tuesday about the team rebounding in practice, left tackle Connor McDermott and more...

Opening statement:
A good start to the week. Our guys came back with a lot of energy. A lot of focus and that's good to see. We're preparing for Cal and excited for the opportunity.

On if he's heard from the Pac-12 on Eddie Vanderdoes:
I sure have. I talked to the conference yesterday and all discipline will be handled in-house.

On if they restart things:
No, you never restart. You keep going and get better. You learn from the things you imrove on. Come out with a great attitude and great energy and get over the humps you face in any season.

On if they need to make wholesale changes:
When you believe in what you're doing, you don't make wholesale changes. I believe in what this program has become. If anyone looks at where this program was and what it's become, objectively, they wouldn't see the need for wholesale changes. Now, you can always tweak some things. But if you panic, you perish. We're not about to panic, there is no need to panic. We won a lot of game the last three years. We're doing something right. We're in this for the long run, not the short run. When you start to make wholesale changes, it means you panic.

On what they need to tweak for Cal:
We tweak things every week. We tweak coverages, blocking schemes, the running game, run fits, schemes, everything. Its why we meet so long, to tweak things and get things in order.

On Jared Goff:
They use him and work the other kid in. They score some points. He's a good player.

On how you defend Cal:
You have to be exact in your coverage. Mix it up a little bit.

On using more nickel:
We're primarily a nickel team in this conference. I don't know the exact percentage, but we're well over 50% nickel. What's important is you mix it. We have the athletes against the four-wide look. In this conference, you get a lot of multiple receivers. So we play a lot of nickel and dime.

On working in Conor McDermott:
We've been working him in there, as you see, in certain situations. He's becoming more confident in his shoulder and more comfortable and our medical personnel feel more comfortable in him working. We're trying to get him more work. We're not out of the woods with him. It might be tough for him to play a whole game. We create packages for him. We're increasing it. Limiting it while increasing it. Increasing the work load as he becomes more comfortable in what he does. Just increasing his work load as he goes.

On McDermott's shoulder:
He's increasingly confident. I watch him every day. I talk to him every day. I ask him how he's feeling. I communicate with the doctors every day. I watch him punch the bag. I watch him move his arm out in space. When you spend as much time as we do, there is no one particular thing, there are a number of things that lead you to that conclusion.

On what McDermott brings to the offensive line:
Size, intelligence, he's a very nimble guy for 6-7, 6-7. He can bend and has good flexibility in his ankles and knees. We're going to keep working him in there.

On Kai'mi Fairbairn:
It's hard. That's a position, like corner and tackle, the psyche of that player is so important because it's a singular moment and they're so isolated. Its like with everybody, you encourage them to improve and have them perform at their best when their best is needed and give them guidance. They're still growing and developing.

On if he notices a difference between NFL and college kickers:
There is no comparison. A 50-yarder in the NFL is a chip shot. Those guys make them. And if they don't, they're not in the NFL. There is a reason there is attrition. College kickers struggle and most don't go on to the league. That's the way it is. Those guys get in the NFL and stay forever. If you can't make a 50-yarder consistently, you won't be in the NFL. That's why there are only 32.

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