VIDEO: Vanderdoes on the Punch, Cal

OCT. 14 -- Defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes talked about how his punch of an Oregon player was dealt with internally, and how the UCLA defense will deal with Cal's offense...

On his punch against Oregon:
I just made a dumb decision. That's all it is. I made a stupid decision, I regret it. It's not me. I've never done that in a game, and it was just a stupid decision.

On if something preceded it:
I just made a stupid decision. Stuff lit up, and I made a stupid decision.

On if someone did anything:

On what Jim Mora said:
He got on me a bit. Told me I can't be selfish and make a stupid decision like that and put the team at risk.

On if he expected more punishment from the Pac-12:
I have no clue what is going on. I talked to Mora, and we're taking care of it in-house.

On if he'll miss any time against Cal:
It's an in-house decision. Whatever Mora wants to do.

On the defensive line against Oregon:
We did fine. There was a little on film we didn't do right. We weren't able to shed.

On what they did to make it tough to shed:
They were holding. A lot of offensive linemen hold. But it's part of the game. You have to get used to it and adapt to it.

On if there was more holding than normal:
It's all the same.

On where the defense is at:
After today's practice, I think we're getting back to our old ways as a team. Having more fun at there. Taking it too much as a job instead of having fun. We lost sight of that. We made it a business thing rather than going to play ball. Playing too uptight. Now we're back to ourselves.

On where the pressure came from:
Ourselves. Within the team. Outside pressure, I don't pay attention to that. Pressure among ourselves. After two hard weeks, we have to come together as a unit, see it, fix it. We weren't having fun like before. We had that today. Today was a fun practice. I had fun today.

On facing running quarterbacks:
Everytime you get a dual-threat, it's tougher to handle, that's why they're dual threat. A pocket passer is thinking pass first all the way. A run guy makes your hands full and it has to make you disciplined. You lose your lanes because of a hole in the middle, he takes off.

On if Cal will use their backups:
Most defintely, no doubt.

On if a pocket passer is more challenging:
If a guy is throwing, throwing, throwing, and then they switch it up to a runner who can't throw as well, it changes the mindset up.

On if their mindset is different after two losses this year:
Our goal is week by week, we know we have to win out this week. Simple as that. It's not the same Cal as last year, a very powerful conference. Jared Goff is a great quarterback, a great receiving corps, the same offensive line and good backs.

On ticket requests being from Northern California:
Yeah, there are a lot of people, family, friends and coaches coming to watch. It's a big game for me.

On pressuring Jared Goff:
It's very important. Jared Goff, what does he average, 400 yards a game? You can't let a guy like that have forever back there, with the receivers they've got. Its important to get pressure on a guy like that.

On UCLA not winning in Berkeley since 1998:
This is my first time playing in Berkeley, so I don't know too much about the history. But I know we haven't won there in a while.

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