VIDEO: Perkins on His Emergence

OCT. 14 -- Running back Paul Perkins talks about his improvement and not being a high-ranked recruit out of high school...

Paul Perkins talked during Cal week.

On what worked against Oregon:
First and foremost, the line did an awesome job. They did a great job blocking the fronts and schemes.

On if Oregon dropping more in to coverage helped:
That was their game plan, to drop eight, and have 3-4 guys rushing. It helped the line.

On if he's getting stronger as the game goes on:
Coach K preaches running back stamina. He tries to emphasize that on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

On if he's working on improving his one cut and go:
I just try to work on being an all-around running back. Just improving my game to help the team.

On how much wider splits helped:
It spread the defense out. When we spread them out, it creates big seams.

On his biggest improvement:
Recognizing defenses and defensive fronts and how they'll scheme us. Gap responsibilities for the linemen.

On getting going as an offense:
We're an explosive offense. Whenever we can get going, we're a hard team to stop.

On his impact this year:
To me it's an opportunity.

On if he can pinpoint how they can start faster:
We have to execute in the first quarter.

On if he and Brett Hundley ever thought they'd be one of the best RB/QB combos in college after playing together in HS:
Oh no. I don't even think I would be at UCLA. I didn't know where I'd be. To stay with Brett, it's a blessing. I didn't have too many offers coming out of high school. I didn't know where my future is.

On why they're confident they can turn it around:
We're still a great team. Whether we have two losses or one losses, we lost to great teams.

On how much of an impact Hundley had on him coming to UCLA:
Familiarity and knowing he'd have my back. I really looked to him at times when I worried.

On Hundley's biggest improvements:
Reading defenses. Helping the receivers.

On the zone option:
They still have to respect it because Brett is a great athlete. They have to respect it.

On if they caught Oregon off guard:
I'm not sure how they where.

On their second straight loss a year ago they bounced back from:
We just kept fighting. A never quit mentality, that's what we always preached, one game at a time.

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