VIDEO: Looney on Start of Practice

OCT. 15 -- Forward Kevon Looney talks about what role he'll play on the team this year and how practices have been going so far...

Kevon Looney talks before practice:

On how practice has been:
It's been going really good. Going a lot better. I'm starting to learn plays more. I'm getting used to my teammates.

On playing the three:
I played both the three and the four in high school. I'm playing a lot of four though. This offense is interchangeable.

On bringing the ball up court:
I did that whole my life. It's a little harder in college.

On filling a scoring void:
I can score a little bit. We have Isaac and he can score. Noah is a lot better and he can score. I can score.

On Jonah Bolden not being eligible:
We're very disappointed. Jonah is a great friend and great player and a great teammate. He brings a lot of versatility to the team. We'll recover though.

On the difference in college practices:
A lot more intense, a lot better coaching, a lot better players. I've learned a lot since i've been in college.

On his comfort in the system:
I'm pretty comfortable. We've put a lot of new things in recently. I think I've picked them up pretty fast. I've learned to score from them.

On the biggest adjustment:
College life. Basketball life is what we do every day, but this is fun. But college life is a lot different, coming across the country.

On Westwood in fall:
It's great. I went home and got off the plane and it's 40 degrees. I came back here and it's 90 degrees. Its lovely out here.

On his expectations:
I'm expecting to play, focus on rebounding a lot.

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