VIDEO: Adams on Defending Cal

OCT. 15 -- Defensive back Ishmael Adams talks about going up against the Bears' explosive offense, and going directly against many of the Cal receivers he personally knows...

Ishmael Adams talked during Cal week.

On teams avoiding kicking to him:
They're doing a good job of placing it away from me, keeping me guessing on where to get the ball and also just recognizing on what we can do different on different returns. And just having great effort running down the field and when to get after me and make the play. It is what it is.

On if he's facing better coverages:
I think it's just more film. Just studying who you're going against. Knowing what you have to do. Also just seeing tendencies and how they move and knowing that when coming out on the field, it's not a break, it's a real play. Oregon did a great job of stopping it.

On what they saw on film against Oregon:
We have to keep doing our jobs and adjust a few things. As DBs, keeping our eyes on the right place. We just have to keep challenging each other and making sure we're accountable to each other. And if there is an easier way of doing something, ask our coaches. It's a collective unit.

On if the defense is still trying to find its identity:
Possibly, but at the end of the day, we want to lean back on what we hang our hats on and thats' running after the ball. Whatever scheme is out there, we should be able to stop anybody. We have the capability. We have to tap in to each other and keep going after it.

On Mariota's fumble and run:
We were in a man. I was leaning over to my coverage and he ended up, a zone read, and teams are playing passing routes to block defensive backs, and I was a step behind getting over to the ball. It comes down to effort and we need to play with more effort to get over there.

On if its frustrating to go up against a new tactic:
Holding, all of that, is tough, but its a dog fight out there. But there is nothing you can do about it. We play with great effort and not let it get to us. If we can keep those penalties from bothering us, we can get to the next play faster. When we're enjoying ourselves and having fun. thats when we're at our best.

On if he was holding:
Tough question. It did get to me and bothered me a lot. It is what it is. We just have to keep going out there and playing.

On the mood:
It's still disappointing and upsetting. I hate losing. I try to do my best to put myself and our team in a situation not to lose. We just have to collectively as a group, come together and put down our foot and say we're not going to lose.

On losing in Berkeley:
I remember not being there. It's going to be fun. I love playing Cal. I know so many of those guys, Chris Harper, Bryce Treggs, Kenny Lawler. Its going to be fun playing those guys. It reminds me of high school and 1925. It's going to be a challenge.

On knowing all the Cal receivers:
We had all 1925 pretty much, the camps, playing 7v7 against each other, all mostly Southern Cal guys. It's going to be fun looking at their film, looking at their tendencies.

On if he's talking to those guys:
It hasn't started yet.

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