VIDEO: McDermott on Getting Time

OCT. 16 -- Sophomore offensive left tackle talked about getting the shoulder healthier so he could play more extended minutes, and now seeing the field more...

Connor McDermott talked during Cal week.

On playing against Oregon:
I thought it was a good experience. It was nice to get back out there, healthy, and get back out there with my teammates.

On his shoulder:
It's been a lot better since fall camp. Trying to get it stronger each day. Just have to keep getting better in the training room.

On how it limited him:
A little motion and pain. I have to keep doing my exercises and get more healthy.

On how it feels:
The trainers are doing a great job helping me and I feel healthier each day.

On if he needed more confidence in it:
A little bit because it had been through a lot. The trainers had a great plan for me.

On if he thinks about more risk:
In reality it can always reoccur. The stronger it gets, the more sustainable it is.

On if he could have had more offseason time to prepare:
I knew what to expect, coming back so soon. I just have to get stronger and work with my trainers.

On if the coaches want to keep working him in:
I feel like they did. It was great being back out there. I just want to keep working on my technique. It was nice being back out there, being a little tight end and tackle.

On pass protection:
Each play is a game of battles. We have to keep working on what Coach Klemm tells us, working on our technique. We are capable of doing great on the offensive line and have to keep practicing and getting better.

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